Good Luck to Marwan Hage and Family....

Wow!....this puts a lot of things in perspective....all the best Marwan...I'm sure we all wish your family the best outcome....

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Agree GL

It must be quite difficult to focus on football when your family is in this kind of siuation. Marwan Hage has these members of his immediate family in Beirut, a city where a number of Israeli airstrikes have occurred. But there has been quite an effort going into getting people being evacuated from there, and I wish for the best for his family, and the other people who hopefully will not be victims of this conflict.

Marwan Hage:

It's probably good that your playing football right now since you are in a rather helpless position to do anything for the current strife of your family.

Please know that all Ticat fans are solidly behind you in this time of crisis and we all want a peaceful outcome to this terrible war.

Play your heart out, Marwan and take some of your stress out on the opposition.

God Bless!

Marwan, we're thinking of you and your family right now.

All of our prayers now Marwan and do what you need to do. If playing football is what you need then continue to play but if you feel you need some time football is only a game. Family is priority. You do what you need to do and I am sure the fans and the organization back you 100%. From my family to yours our prayers and stay safe.

With the ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Lebanon/Hezbollah I thought I'd bump this thread. I have not heard any news about Marwan Hage or his family since this was posted, and I wanted to make sure Marwan's family was fine. If so, that would be good to hear, and Marwan must be relieved to know that he can focus on things other than this conflict now.