Good Luck to Jesse Lumsden in Sochi

Good luck to Jesse and his (bearded) fellow bobsledders and all Canadian athletes in Sochi over the next two weeks.

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It is weeks like the next two weeks that will have live Olympics coverage all morning through to early afternoon - that will make it tough to get any work done since I work from a home office as a travel agent - as you probably figured out from my name on this board. Already this morning the team figure skating coverage had my attention diverted from work on and off for a couple of hours today. lol

I remember when I was highschool, I wanted to be like Jesse Lumsden when I grew up! I wanted to be a running back like him, I would even get the same haircuts as him! :lol: :thup:

My favorite Marauder of all time and my second favorite Ticat of all time after Paul Osbaldiston! Good Luck in Sochi Jesse!

Wow K/P and you admit to that! Anyways, good luck Jesse, bring home the gold!!

He could have had a great career, he was an outstanding RB. If he hadn't had them career ending injuries he would easily been the best RB to come out of the CIS.

FEAR THE BEARD!!!!! BRING BACK THE GOLD BOYS!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Well, after the first two heats in the 2-man competition, he stands, just like he and his teammates did in his final year as a Ticat, 8th. Here's hoping' the Family Day final 2 heats bring a higher finish.

the big difference is that in bobsled unlike the CFL 8th place means your in the play-offs.Hopefully everybody will be cheering on Jesse and the boys to GOLD on Family Day,as well as the 4 man later on this week. :thup: :thup:

Feel bad for Jesse. He did his job on the push as Canada 2 was amoungst the tops in starts in 3 of 4 races ... But pilot Chris Spring was not up to par driving. Hopefully he gets it together for the 4 man. Otherwise if I was Jesse I'd be looking for a new sled with a new driver or take over himself.

Solid pic from CFL FB page from Jesse's days in Hamilton and his trip to Sochi! #wearewinter


JL was better than Ricky Williams BY Far!! NFL politic BS dictated he was a late NFL cut. AS IS THEIR POLICY!!

As for Bob Sled in Sochi Olympics, Why is Canada's Best brake man(Lumsden) not teamed with Canada's best driver? ??????????

Big Change on the CDN Bobsled Team(s). Lumsden & the 2 other push-men have been taken from the Canada 1 Sled piloted by Chris Spring and have been put onto Canada 3 driven by Justin Kripps. Kripps has been the better driver over the last little while and Bobsled Canada is obviously loading the deck and pulling out all stops to get a medal.

Hopefully this change and pairing the best pushers with the best driver get's Jesse on the podium!

Sitting at 8th after first of 4 runs in Canada 3 sled.
.35 of a second of the mark.
3 more runs.....lots of room and time to move up the ladder.

Canada 3 with Jesse on board crashes.

They are all walking away! look to be OK


That had to hurt and there have to be some friction burns there sliding along at almost 80 mph on their shoulders. To me somebody at Bobsleigh Canada totally f'd up. They switched up drivers and push teams just yesterday so Jesse and the two other pushers were not with the driver they've worked with all season. They only had two practice runs before with this driver. Surely that played a role in the crash.

Thank God,no serious injuries,bad break guys,heads up and thumbs up :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: to the entire team !!!!

Yes they should have had the strongest team together prior to the Games, But can't see what it had to do with the sled flipping over? They had two starts only 100th of a second off the world record and had the sled not flipped they would have been in the medals, no chance for a medal without the switch in personnel.

Because the sled flipping was due entirely to driver error and it could arguable be stated that the driver of this sled was not the best, with the time being a credit to the other 3 guys giving them a fantastic push.

Unfortunately even with the great start courtesy of Jesse and the boys it was clear the Canadian sleds were just not fast enough. They were way behind even before flipping and realistically were already so far off the pace the best they could have challenged for was a 5th place or so. Apparently through every practice run never were they close to the top 4 teams which were all within a few hundredth of a second of one another.

Fact is and trueth is, the sled that flipped over was on pace to be in first place after the second run. The driver was the best Canadian driver in the 2 man and the decision to assemble the best team possible for the 4 man was correct!

Its all mute now, Just hate to see history being twisted by spin doctors!

Sorry Mass - not true that they were about to be the fastest. Not even close by Bobsled times standards of a matter of fact where a 0.2 second lead is considered huge. Their start time in Round 2 exactly matched their 4.76 start time of Round One - slower than the American 4.75 start time and yet after Round One they were in 8th place 0.35 seconds behind the leaders with the Top 3 within 0.07 seconds of each other.

So after Run 1. Canada 3 - even with the great start was 0.35 seconds behind.

When Canada 3 crashed in Round Two none of the fastest seven sleds had gone yet. Only sleds with a slower time in Round One had gone so far. So yes their splits at the time of the crash had them in the lead but only because any of the faster sleds had not gone yet. And FYI just before their crash their lead on the 'slower' sleds that were behind them in time had started to shrink - as the two splits just before the crash showed their lead on the slower sleds who had already finished round 2 had dropped from 0.11 to 0.10 and their speed was slower - so they were beginning to lose speed already in relation to the slower teams that had already gone.

And FYI those slower teams that it looked like Canada 3 would finish about 0.09 ahead of after Round 2 - they all were 0.39 seconds or more behind the leaders once all the faster sleds went down after the Canadian crash. So at best Canada 3 was still going to be about 0.30 seconds behind and still in 7th or 8th place after the 2nd run even without the crash.

The Canadian sleds simply were not fast enough compared to the Top 4 and they weren't in any of the four runs nor in any of the practice runs all week long. That's not revisionist history that is outlining the facts (with times even) as events unfolded.