Good Luck to Coach Marshall against Mac

Yup, tomorrow brings a special game when Coach Marshall and his Western Mustangs go up against the McMaster Marauders.....

Coach is one of most solid persons I've ever had the pleasure to work with and get to know......I'm proud to call him a good friend and I wish him and his Mustangs all the best this year.....

...and yes, he always fed me well because as some know, Coach is a big fan of food too! :lol:

May the best team win tomorrow..... :cowboy:

(PS.....Coach Marshall said some really nice things about Mr. Young tonight on CHCH News)

As much as I liked Greg Marshall when he was here, he is the coach of the HATED Mustangs . I wish Marshall a good season but not against Mac !!!

I went to Western so i'm forced to cheer for the Mustangs :slight_smile:

McMaster all the way!

I wonder how Coach Marshall would do if he had Casey Printers at QB. :cowboy: