Good Luck To All

My poor planning 2 years ago has me on a plane to the Caribbean this Sunday and driving back to Halifax from Trenton on Grey Cup Sunday. So I'm vacating the board. I have the PVR set and will be watching the Division Finals and Grey Cup game when I get back to Halifax.

Good luck to your teams and if the final 3 games of the season are as good as the 2 semis I will have some great football to watch when I get back.

Last, thanks to BigDave for all the work on the VGCC. A lot of work obviously goes into that and it adds a little bit of interest to each weekends games.

Whoever wins I hope it's another Grey Cup Classic.


Have a safe trip!! :rockin:

You do know you could still watch on-line right?
I watched the Cats/Arblows in the Bahamas on my honey moon,
what a great wife!
Safe trip as well!

Sorry you made that crucial calendar mistake.
I am also vacationing this month, but the first thing I worked around was attending the East Final and watching my Argos in the Grey Cup.
Have to admit and especially near the end of the season, the CFL schedule becomes priority number one to work around.
Have a good time!

Guess you can get a head start on you vacation then, because the Ar-blows ain't making the Grey Cup.

Have a good trip ArgoT, i know it won't be to Regina!!!

Thank you MC.
It will be even better after my Argos win the GC so that I can wear the merchandise even more proudly in the sunny Caribbean.