Good luck to all those in the path of Hurricane Earl

Those include Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young and family (North Carolina) and my own family on the South Shore of Nova Scotia near Lunenburg

(my Dad being right in the path of this beast, living less than 1,000 yards from the ocean and perhaps only 10 feet above sea level)......... crikey !!! :expressionless:

Yes, a few prayers might be needed, it sounds like it could be a nasty one. Was downgraded from 4 to 3 but this morning heard it was back up to 4. Keep our fingers crossed. :?

deerhunter, just so you know, just talking to a friend down east and they think the storm will make landfall at the Maine, New Brunswick border now, so the South Shore won’t take the brunt of the storm. But still good luck to all.

Thanks Matelock.......that's a little encouraging

But the problem is the storm surge......

My Dad's house has about 200-400 feet of pine forest between the house and the ocean which should be a fairly good windbreak.....but the water that could pour in on the surge frightens me with the house only being a few feet above sea level

For those not familiar with a storm surge, picture a massive whirlpool where the water in the middle lowers as the water on the edges rise........that's what a Hurricane does and that's what a "storm surge" means.

This hurricane scares me like no other has when it comes to my family's safety :expressionless:

Perhaps it is time to have a discussion with your family about the intelligence of locating a home so close to an ocean prone to hurricanes? See: New Orleans, LA.

Not trying to be cruel. I certainly hope that they don't stick around to see the storm surge. Thats got to be even more scary then a tornado would be.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, I know out here in Nova Scotians are very well prepared after living through Hurricane Juan.
Spent the afternoon at the beach and the ocean water was at 75 degrees... This is Hurricane Fuel... lets hope this thing does not hit a populated area.

A little history for you. Lunenburg is one of the oldest towns in Canada and home of the first fish processing plant in North America. A picture of the plant is on the back of a ten dollar bill I believe. These homes have been on the sea and home to fishermen for close to two hundred years. Kind of like saying to someone in Toronto that they should not live there because the smog is bad...

In terms of scary, Hurricanes are right up there with large volcanos and earthquakes. I have a tree in my backyard (well what is left of it) with a trunk that is 11 feet in diameter and it was snapped like a twig, it took the whole side of my neighbours house down (picture a doll house where you can se in every room and the top of it was across the road. Unfortunately when the crew came to cut it down they started at the top and eventually the neighbour's friendly helper who was sitting on the tree with his saw got ejected like a bolder in a launcher and the friggin thing stood itself back up. So now it is there pretty much forever unless someone wants to spend many thousands of dollars getting what is likely one of the biggest stumps in the counry removed. I will never forget seening this centenial tree bend back and forth like a whip and come down on its limbs. Some of the branches we figure were close to a thousand pounds because it would take six grown men to move them once cut.

I don't think any report I read said that a Hurricane was going any where near Nova Scotia - it was always predicted that the storm would be downgraded as it hits the cooler waters in the north. I know that people do like to get carried away with these things.
As for the guy that said "why would they build a house in a hurricane prone area like New Orleans" ?? Please use some intelligence and do some reasearch - one major hurricane in a century!!!
Can we please stick to football on this site!!

Good luck to all the fine people on the east coast. :thup:

All the best as well.

I hear ya HFxTC...

However, things have changed in 200 years, we dont NEED to be so close to oceans anymore. However, if its one thing we do well its live where we probably shouldn't : ie; flood plains, coasts. Back in the day you had to be near the water, not SO much anymore (except harbours, fisheries, etc)

I really didn't mean to look ignorant.

well, thanks heaps for the well wishes to my family and thanks to "HFXTC" for the historical stuff........good luck down there mate!

Here's the latest from my family near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia ..... (via Facebook)

"Storm seems to be moving west of us probably the eye will be going up the Bay of Fundy. Still expecting strong winds (up to 130km). All outside things are secure and we can maintain ourselves for several days. Maybe we will get to use the generator for this storm. lol Thanks for the concern. Will let you know what it was like later on Sat"

You didn't come across as ignorant. Just a way of life down here for many.

Sorry it was a 100.00 bill :lol:

This is the plant today

It's down to a Cat 2 now, hopefully its a Tropical Storm or lower (depression?) when it gets anywhere near land...

Started to rain in North Carolina now as well.

Very cool !

I've spent time sitting on that dock in the fog with a newspaper and a coffee (beer :wink: ) just enjoying the incredible ambiance.....been through the Fisheries Museum too and CFL legendary kicker,Terry Baker's gift shop (my dad's buddy) called the Admiral Benbow Trading Company

Also, my relatives worked in the plant up in Riverport............and were in the Stephen King movie filmed near there called "Delores Claiborne" was in their cove that most of the movie was filmed (Stonehurst and Blue Rocks)

We dodged the worst of Earl here in NC, as it has weakened and started to swing east.
With any luck it will keep on swinging and miss the Maritimes altogether. Although the hurricane forcasts are getting to be remarkably reliable for such unpredictable storms.

The best place for tracking these is here:

Just click on the little symbol for whichever storm you want to learn about.

Also check out the satellite views of these things, particularly the "water vapour" images.

Well, that's a good thing that your neck of the woods was spared.......but by the looks of it's projected path now, it will pass pretty much directly over Nova Scotia.

Thanks for the cool link......I found this really neat animated loop of the storm and the water vapour on satellite you spoke of. That's really neat stuff.

Glad to hear you weren't hit too bad Caretaker but remember, Earl is right around the corner in these parts all the time albeit this Earl isn't too bad, a bit unpredictable I suppose from time to time and doesn't always get the cause and effect logic will admit. :wink:

Yeah, reading that it is in line with NS and NB, hopefully it won't be bad deer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sounds like my family survived even though the hurricane shifted and aimed straight at Lunenburg.......the pine forest around the house no doubt helps a lot.........phew ! :roll:

message from the family:

"We are all okay. Power has been out and has only just come back on. We have a few trees down just behind the house otherwise all okay. Thanks for the concern"