Good Luck Saskatchewan

Well after the two beatings my Bombers took from your Riders,we won't be playing against each other again this year. You have a young,aggresive,talented team that is only going to get better! Hats off to you. I wish you luck the rest of the way and hopefully next year my Bombers will beable to actually be competitive and we'll both enjoy some nail biting games when we play each other. Good luck against the Eskimos!!

Thanks Scotsman,
Depite our rivalry, the bombers are one of the teams that I can actually cheer for (when not playing the Riders). I have always found their fans good-spirited and educated and I wish that they get rid of the current administration and get back on track.

It would make me very happy to see them turn it around and prevent one of our western rivals from gaining a spot in the playoffs.

Good luck the rest of the way, although I won't be too upset watching Mike Kelly get fired if you keep losing games, probably better for the long term of the franchise as well, the man is not accountable for his own mistakes.

Thank you,
I don't live in Manitoba and I haven't for over 20 years but I follow the Bombers closely and always will. Pigseye and Papa have a much better perspective on whats going on than I do but from what I'am witnessing I don't think they can afford to fire Kelly. They are still paying Doug Berry and if I'am not mistaken Kelly has a 3 year contract! So I'am afraid we're stuck with this current regime for quite awhile unless Asper takes over this off season, takes the loss, cleans house and brings in his own people which could easily happen. It's a bloody shame whats going on right now! Winnipeg 'Used to be' a proud,respectable franchise and they still are up to a point. I'am looking forward to the franchise turning the corner and becoming competitive again. The question is..when?? Certain player movements should of never happened!!!
You have a young talented team with a bright future ahead!! I wish you the best down the stretch!!!

The Scotsman

The fans are still great for the Bombers, fan support is still pretty good despite all the off field distractions this season. If the Bombers had a semblance of an offense they would be dangerous, the defense with Barrin Simpson in there is still quite good.