Good Luck Salt Lake City

That Meruelo guy seems like the kinda fellow who is going to wake up one morning and find the head of one of his horses in his bed.

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I don’t think any of the players are complaining.The union couldn’t be happier with the salaries and the value of the franchises and the two American tv contracts the NHL has.


Exactly, if I’m a player in the NHL it’s called “give me money buddy pro sports” just like if I’m a football player and love the Grey Cup but if I have the talent to make the “show” NFL for way more money, well then “Grey Cup” WTF is that? Tim Tindale thinking to a tee.
At least you aren’t thinking there Toronto11 the Stanley Cup in it’s current rendition, is all about some sort of cultural “Canadiana” BS. I’m with you there 100 percent. Pure BS.
Money baby, show me the f… money, that is the “real” trophy.

Can confirm.
I have a few friends who are die-hard Blackhawks fans but they’re the exception. Overall, I’d say the NHL is a distant fourth in popularity here.
On Tuesday, I went with my two buddies to a bar and the NHL playoff game was on.
First of all, it was on the smaller screen and a meaningless Cubs game was on the big screen.
Second, my one friend, who follows sports, had no idea about the Canadian Cup drought. The other one did because he’s from Bemidji, MN.


You are telling it like-it-is and I respect that, totally.