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Well, SLC has supported an NBA team for a long time…even when they were not all that successful on the court.

The move likely means the Av’s associate team the Grizzlies will be moving - but who knows…


There’s an arena in Pheonix…


The Grizzlies play at the Maverick Center so at least they won’t be forced to move.

Curious to see if they stick around long term.

Where the 70 F they need to keep the building for good ice is freezing cold for the locals…

Yup…yet to be seen if they can support both clubs though.

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So I looked this up, and from an article that I just linked in the NBA thread, I read that the Phoenix Suns play to a season-long sellout in what is now called the Footprint Center.

The facility is owned by the City of Phoenix.

With a sellouts like that after the recent debacle with the Coyotes, I cannot see the city courting a minor league hockey team for this facility quite yet. Now the facility is shared only with a WNBA team (the NBA owns 50% of the WNBA and contributes annual subsidies) as the other season-long tenant.

Is there another minor league team somewhere else in Arizona? Whatever the case, for the big time for pro hockey, it’s going to be a very long while.




The Utah Marleys.

I’ve envisioned this if the Toronto Marlies ever were to move to Bobcaygeon :smiley:

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Apologies … meant Pheonix-area … technically Tempe.

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From what I understand, they’re trying to create an entertainment district with a new sports venue not unlike what you’re hearing with most new teams and even the Jets to a degree. This would be ready for the 2034 Winter Olympics that they’re bidding for. I’d assume that both the Jazz and NHL team would move into it when ready. With a 10 year timeline, it’s still likely to get built before Phoenix can.

I think this can still happen concurrently with the renovations of the Delta Center. My guess is that they will increase capacity by:

a) shrinking the seats to fit more in;
b) removing view obstructions by finding alternative support systems; and
c) having standing room only areas kind of like the Toronto Blue Jays and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.


The plan as of right now is to re-configure the end seats to being the capacity for hockey to closer to 17,000

The arena they played in previously was completely opposite to where their fanbase was located. The equivalent would be if Edmonton got an NBA team
But instead of playing downtown they decided to build an arena in Leduc. Then be shocked when fans don’t turn out on a snowy Wednesday night.
It’s not the lost popular sport in the area so you better make sure the arena is in the right location in that market


Football, especially the NFL is a different beast where in some markets a stadium is out in the burbs ie. Buffalo but people make a day going to the game and partying in the parking lot and such and don’t seem to mind taking a long time getting out after the game. With very few games, I guess this adds to the formula with the NFL, certain markets.

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Like you say, much easier to do that once a week on a Sunday, rather than every second or third night for NHL hockey.




I’ve heard this reasoning before and disagree.

They’ve had 30 years and 3 arenas. If people are fans, they’ll look past all excuses, at least on a short term basis. Phoniex hasn’t made it work in 30 years.

People in the GHTA attend Jays, Raptors and Leafs games because they are fans. To the point, Toronto has th3 worst congestion in North America, and people still go, in the cold and snow.

This excuse about the arena in Phoniex being a bit to far away is just that, and excuse.

I belive the Cardinals stadium is near Gila River Arena, they have no problem getting there for NFL games because it’s worth it for them.

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Yet people from all over southern Ontario will commutte 1-2 hours for Raptors, Leafs and Jays games.

Suggesting it isn’t market but ownership is silly. There’s been how many ownership groups for Phoenix?

And to let the NHL of the hook isn’t correct, arent they responsible for ensuring proper arenas and market?

Funny, b/c all these years later Balsille was the only viable owner and he had the only viable market and arena plan in Hamilton.

15 years later and we all see Balsille was right.

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Not on a nightly basis they don’t. That’s why the teams built facilities in central areas.
Put the Raptors arena in Milton or Newmarket and see how it would affect attendance. It would drop like a stone.
And even then basketball is much more popular in Toronto than hockey is in Phoenix so the problem gets amplified.

And yes they played in multiple arenas but 2 of which were not suitable for hockey while the one that was, was in a horrible area.

The team never had strong ownership. They were always using the hockey team to gain access to real estate deals. That almost never works abs doomed the franchise from the beginning.

Basille didn’t play nice with the other owners like the Ryan Smith did so that’s why they now have a team while BlackBerry Jim does not.

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