....Here's hoping it's a great game....there will be a lot of talent on the field tomorrow .. for both clubs....this is a win ,win, for the CFL and i know whichever team comes out on top, will have ended a long wait.... and definitely deserving of the Cup...so once again Good Luck. :rockin: :thup:

Thank you, thank you, papa...I echo your sentiments. I'm looking forward to watching, and have been for the last (yikes!) ten years (can that be right??)...good luck to the Bombers, too!

Enjoy it while it lasts. A Bomber/Saskatchewan Grey Cup maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity. This one will be talked about for many years to come. Bragging rights for the winner at the Labour Day game and the Banjo Bowl. Totally Awesome. There is more than the Grey Cup here. Bomber Pride and Rider pride. Two great teams with great fans on both sides.

Thanks Papa! I would also like to say good luck to your Bombers too. I couldn't agree more that this is a win win for the CFL.

Yes, to an excellent game on both sides of the gridiron. When Winnipeg comes back home to the Western Division, the door of opportunity closes so let's enjoy it.

Yes, good luck to the Riders & its nice fans. I hope we have a great game and win or lose we get to enjoy it. Good Game Sports. Almost party time so better put the keyboard away and lower the cone of silence. Smileys.