Good Luck Riders from Wyoming

Wish i was there, but will be watching (about time NBCSN) in live time today. Have my cold Pilsner in the Frig and my
Riders shirt on. Go Riders!!!!!

I too want to wish the Riders the very best of luck. The pressure these players must be feeling I'm sure is phenomenal.
That said I hope the players can keep it in their heads this isn't about the media or the fans. It's about themselves and their teammates . All year they have played for each other as a team and they will win or lose as a team.
Yes the fans are important but we don't play the game we have little input to the outcome other then showing our support.
If the Riders win or lose I hope the fans conduct themselves with pride. The last thing this team needs is a black eye by some dummies that vandalize and destroy property like they had in Vancouver over the Stanley Cup. Before some BC fan reads this and gets upset I'm not saying all the people of BC did the damage unfortunately though the whole city gets smeared. This is what I want to avoid. Celebrate with joy but don't get carried away. Get angry or frustrated or mad but keep it under control. Lets show that we deserve these events and not give them any excuses why they shouldn't be held here more often.

Stay classy Rider Nation. And GO RIDERS GO !!!!