Good Luck Milt on your quest for the ring!

Right here in the CFL there is a great player hoping to fianlly wear a GC ring. Good luck in your quest!

He would have a better chance if he were an Argo or a Lion. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Remember, I said it back in July, if he really wants a ring........ :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well they better step up to the plate for the guy. Something tells me this is it or nothing. Berry is not helping matters much either with the poor attitude.

Well, Kevin Glenn teased me early on in the season. Now I'm seeing the old Kevin Glenn returning.

Now they should get by a Montreal team using their second string QB. But Toronto will be another story. I think Stubler's defense will totally confuse Glenn.

Well Berry better find out whats wrong and correct it quickly if Milt is going to have that chance. One last game in the Peg for him.

Perhaps Brendan Taman can ship him off in a package deal to the Lions or Argos. :twisted: :twisted:

You know sort of like the Geroy Simon thing…By the way, I can’t remember if I thanked Taman for letting Simon go! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don’t blame Berry. He can only work with what Taman gets him.
BTW has Taman got a kicker for Westwood yet? :roll:

Well maybe they can work out something like the Eskimo Maas for nothing trade. Naw they stopped that from happening. No wonder Gluey Huey retired. Took all the fun of cheating away. But for Milts sake I do hope he gets want he wants.

The kicking game may be what costs the Bombers the game. Going through Toronto is going to be difficult.

Twice in one day 05 ? Hell has frozen over, the Riders will win the GC. :lol:

If the Bombers can beat Montreal, then get by Toronto. They shouldn't have a problem getting the cup.

IF we do make it to Toronto, the one guy that is gunna win it for us, is Sir Charles.

Whoever wins the Western Final will be the Grey Cup Champion!

Remember West is the Best…East has the Least. :wink:

Geez, with poetry like that, Turkeybend will have me writting his stuff when he’s on vacation! :lol: :lol:

He could use the help but would you not feel dirty writing about the riders.

.....Milt is 99.9% sure he's going to retire....however he's left the door open a crack...Stegall is very close to the all-time ydg. record for receiving....Will he return to set another milestone??????.....hmmmmm only the Turtle Man knows??????That ring would sure look nice on his finger ...would cap a great career....But the Bombers will have to return to early season form for Milt to have a shot at that...and the 'new season' starts Sunday :wink:

I might cheer for Milt to get his ring if Sask is in the game. But I will be keeping in mind that Milt has already had a shot at it and came up short.

There are allot of great football players that don't get championships....Kelly and Marino are two that come to mind. Both had the opportunity and game up short.

All the best to Milt, he's a great player and has been for a while. But nothing guaranteed in pro sports.

Yes beating BC or the Riders will be a cakewalk!

Hopefully the weather in Winterpeg will not be too cold. Stegall has a history of injuries in cold weather and if he can get by his last outdoor game, maybe he can break the Grey Cup goose egg,…maybe.

Okay...I see you mentioning Marino as a great player who didn't win a championship, and Milt as one who hasn't one yet. But Kelly? You mean Jim kelly of the bills, right? He was slightly above average at best, and one hell of a choke artist. :twisted: