Good Luck Lions & Alouettes

The Grey Cup game is a mere hours away, so I would like to take this opprotunity to wish the BC Lions and Montreal Alouettes the best of luck in today's game. I actually hope it will be a close game, and we have yet another classic game, unlike the other game affectionaly nicknamed the Super Bore. The season may have had boring games, but all the games in the playoffs have been exciting, even if the West final was a blowout. Lets hope that today's game will show everyone across the world why the CFL is far superior to the NFL game!!!

…I know these two clubs are loaded with talent…and i know its going to shine through today …GOOD LUCK TO BOTH CLUBS…the CFL IS DEFINITELY THE LEAGUE TO WATCH TODAY… :thup: :rockin:

im just hoping the Als dont wear those ugly pink pants again...hahahahaa

Well they're red but I don't care for them either

I used to think the red pants were ugly, but given that's what they wore these last two games, I hope they'll wear it again tonight. Don't touch what's going fine.

I am going with the UNDER DOG and the EAST today!

GO ALS GO! You will never hear me say that again.

I am going with the best team in the CFL. GO LIONS GO. GREY CUP 06.

I'm hoping for a fun game to watch. Good luck to both teams, you both have loyal fans who deserve to see you win.

Its going to be an awesome game!!! The 2 best teams are playing and the weather is going to be great for this time of year too!! CHEERS AND A FEW BEERS TODAY!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! :rockin:

:P Watch out for the RIDERS next year!! heheh.. :P