Good luck Jason Maas!!!!!

I know he'll prob never read this but just wanted to say good luck and all the best!!!
He is a great QB abd I feel he will push you guys over the edge past the bombers!

Maas is full of heart and I will be cheering for him all the way....even when he's back in the Hamilton!

The Cat's are in bad shape from Owner ( or caretaker as he calls himself lol ) to waterboy!!!!!

I bet he's happier than Corey Holmes after he got traded lol
Cheers!!!! and enjoy seeing Mass play....he's a winner!!!!

I think he's the same person who left Hamilton "reluctantly" and as such I'm not as certain that he will prove all that much of a benefit. We'll see...

As for the Cats being in "bad shape" from top to bottom, I'm not so sure. The team does have a number of positives going for it, and I think just needs a strong and capable QB to cement things. Hopefully Printers will be able to do that.