good luck in the Free Agent season....See ya in a week

Just dropping a not to say good luck to all for the Free Agent signings.

I think it would be nice if The Riders picked up Simpson and Tucker, One being way more likely then the other.

Going to Fernie tommorrow for the week to Ski and party during "reading" week. Should be a great time.

Don't go to Fernie's miserable out West at this time of year...snow,mountains..You'll roll that John
Have a good time...who do you think the riders, will dress in green, of the Free agents..?

Well Im glad to see that my school isnt hte only school dellusional enough to refer to a week off as "reading" week.

…British Columbia…is always a great place to visit…specially skiing…have a good trip Billy…as far as free agents…you can colour Simpson gone to either Ham. OR Winn…no-way Tucker is going to get away from Huey…Hudson should be interesting …depends on who has the right dough…and White …can sign with anyone now…I know the Riders will be interested in anyone that a resembles a qb… :lol: :wink:

have a good one, mate.

Pack your woolies Billy. Its supposed to get really cold by this Friday!