Good luck in postseason

Hello to all the fans of the greatest game in the world...

Just a message from a long-suffering Ticats fan here.

I wanted to wish you and all your teams good luck in the postseason. It's been a great year of football (not necessarily by my team, but I digress). I can't recall a year with so many great plays (particularly catches) and close games. I think the high flying CFL of old is back!

We've lost some greats this year. Bobby Ackles, The Little General, Jake Gaudaur, Ralph Sazio, Leif Pettersen and others that I may have regrettably neglected to mention. They will never be forgotten.

There's the NFL threat, but it's good to see it's not overshadowing the CFL season. I still believe both leagues could co-exist in Toronto, although I'd rather the NFL stay in the U.S. Canada doesn't need the NFL and the NFL doesn't need Canada. Both great brands of football, both in different countries... let's keep it that way!

With my team out (again!), I will be on the forums a lot less (once a week instead of daily), so again, good luck in the playoffs and have a safe and happy offseason.

See you in the playoffs in 2010!


Hey Cat…a great post.

Your team will be back and we look forward to it. (And why don’t you stay on board and cheer for the other cats…the Lions? We’ll be happy to have ya on our side)


I feel the same way about the NFL. As much as I like the NFL, and the Colts, I'd rather they stay in the U.S.

It has been a great season, and I was happy to see my Eskimos return to the playoffs, although we have a tough task of going into Winnipeg and knocking them off. Hopefully we can.

I think the best way to finish off the season would be to have Calgary meet Montreal in the Grey Cup. I'd love to see a duel between AC and Burris. Of course, the next best GC would be the Stamps and Eskies. We had the Prairie Cup last season, now it's time for the Battle of Alberta.

Yeah a Battle of Alberta would be something pretty cool I definitely wouldn't mind seeing.