Good Luck Coach Tim Burke

Tim is headed to Montreal. The guy did a great job after the firing of Denny Crehan in Calgary. I wish him all the best with his new team.

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I dont think I want him here in Montreal.
He turned his back on the fans and jumped ship! John Hufnagel should never have given him permission to talk to the Als while under contract.

Also , Burke let the Stampeder organization down, they could have a poor season, finishing last after the team tanks it-- and Hufnagel let him go to a another team in the same league!

What a way to let the fans down...

And a lateral move at that!
DC in Calgary. DC in Montreal.

Wait until Cortez interviews for the vacancy in Riderville....

DUH! He had permission to talk to the Als, so what is the problem? You did not get upset when Marcel Bellefeuille got permission to talk to the Ticats and they "stole" him from the Als...

Someone missed the memo...

Memo: we are poking fun/being satirical about this due to responses in other threads....

Last chance, go read the Austin gone thread, and you will see how hypocritical the first post of this thread truly is…

It isn't a lateral move at all. Burke was only interim DC in Calgary, and after the season he was replaced as DC by Chris Jones. So, technically, at present as he moves from Calgary to Montreal, it is a move up, not a lateral move.

But he still deserted his fans.

Madjack you got the right memo these comedians here are about as funny as lip cancer. Your right he had no job to go to in Calgary. My Response is that he did a great job to pick up the pieces once Crehan was shown the door. As far as Austin goes he walked out on rider fans not once but twice :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well obviously, it was already known that Huffer had given Burke permission to talk to the Als, so he went ahead and hired Jones.
Burke was under contract.
He deserted his fans and his team.
He clearly knew when he interviewed with the Als that he would accept/get the job, or why would he bother?
Huffer has also screwed up, because he has put the career of Burke ahead of the team.

I don't know? Have I covered all of the silly parallels between Austin and Burke.

The memo, Madjack, should read, "whenever 05 is being a hypocrit, make fun of him".

Of course that is a regular occurance, and therefore a standing memo...

I suspect Burke is just happy he is no longer a circus freak....

Ah Arius you and your little girl guide group do one thing by posting here the way you did is that my opinion has meat to it. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hypocrit I guess in Prider land means one with a different opinion.

No, 05, a hypocrite (you) is one who lambasts Kent Austin in one thread, and congratulates Burke in another, when both men and both teams did the exact same thing: let a man out of his contract in order to pursue what he sees as a better career path.

The only difference of opinion is within you. I am sure that if we weren't so busy lampooning you, in reality, every poster here is happy that Mr. Burke got a better job. And we are happy that Mr. Hufnagel did not attempt to stand in the way of that.
The question is, why aren't you able to say the same about Kent Austin?

NO it means a different opinion based on whether it is your team or another team.

I guess Austin was the only QB who ever went to a different team and that's why you say he deserted his fans twice.

Did you say that about Dave Dickenson when he left the Stamps to try the NFL?

If you call 1 person for leaving their team
You call all of them for leaving their team. If not it is being a hypocrite.

You mentioned how the riders fans were resentful towards Burris.....Funny how stamps fans accepted his with open arms even though as per your standards, he treated his fans badly......Funny how when you are on the receiving end of these classless players, you have no problem with it

As per your argument the Als OC Chris Jones deserted the fans as well yet the stamps snapped him up quite quickly.......
Funny how you are against it when coached and players leave but you have no problem taking them

If he was a self-proclaimed protector, he would have proclaimed it, wouldn't he?

Not one of those answers, answers anything.

The bottom line here is Austin was under contract and you chastised him for leaving
Burke was under contract and you congratulate him and wish him well......
That is hypocrisy

As for what that means? Well its just another mystery for the ages

I guess according to 05, its ok for an assistant coach to make a lateral move while under contract, but wrong for a head coach to further his career while under contract. Tell me 05, both of these guys broke their respective contracts, but you congratulate one but dis the other... you say you are such a great defender of the Rider fans that feel slighted.. but Ive seen only one or two that feel that way.. the rest understand why Austin went to Ole Miss, and wish him nothing but the best. So which is it 05, should both honour their contracts, or should they be able to decide for themselves where they want to be?