Good Luck Coach Greg Marshall !!

All the best to Greg Marshall in his debute seaon opener aganist Edmonton. :thup: Thanks for all you did for the Ti-Cats, :thup: hope to see you on the 16th and then once again in the 2011 Grey Cup! When it will be The Ti-Cats vs Sask for the Grey Cup :rockin: :rockin: To take your team to the Grey Cup will be a HUGE success story in your rookie Head Coach year, but the Ti-Cats will win aganist you on that Day! :thup: :wink:

Glad he lost, I hate Sask...

so. .all the proverbial favourites except for Montreal lost this weekend... my guess is, from the way this place reacted to the Cats loss... the entire 2011 CFL season is doomed

Looks like he'll need all the luck available, his team just lost to maybe the worst team in the league, at home.

And all 3 of those losses were at home.

Doomed.. all 3 of those teams need to fire their coaches, cut the offending players and trade the rest..... it's over!

Yes, it's time for the chicken little pagent!!!!!

Wow i cant belive the amount of Haters on the fourm! Look at the title people if you did not wish him luck, then at least be man enough to start your own thread, and not trash this thread. Thankss!

I can't wish him luck when he play's against our beloved team. He's the opposition now. He'll be out to beat us and make us look bad. :thdn:

Coach Reed and the Eskimos looked very prepared. Ricky Ray also appeared to be in fine form.

The Ticats have their work cut out for them.

Go Cats ! 8)

I was very surprised by the way the Eskimos played last night against the Riders. Of course, it helps when you can take advantage of turnovers by Saskatchewan. Darian Durant really needs to look at himself and figure out a way to stop throwing interceptions. Besides, I've always liked Greg Marshall (even though his defense schemes didn't seem to work here!) and I truly believe that he deserves this chance to be a Head Coach. That's why I would like to see Saskatchewan be successful this season (not win the Grey Cup, mind you, but be successful in general). :wink:
Hamilton will definitely have their hands full with Edmonton next weekend. Some have suggested that the huge changes that the team made over the off-season has made them a team in "rebuilding mode" and will likely be unpredictable and take some time to gel. I think that after seeing them last night, Edmonton is a team that cannot be underestimated. I'm not a huge fan of Kavis Reed, but I think Eric Tillman seems to know what he's doing and it shows.

An early collective slap in the face is often a good way for teams to refocus and get their acts together. For the Cats however, one senses that the franchise has run out of cheeks to turn in the 'slapping line.' Eventually a team with the talent on paper this one does has to dump or get off the waste removal apparatus.

Oski Wee Wee,