Good luck Charlie!!!!

I'm breathing a huge sigh now that Marcel and Charlie Taafe are working together for the Tiger Cats. The only nightmare I have left is that Maas will be back.
But...never mind. I think I can start getting some decent sleep now.
Good luck Charlie. I can't wait for next season!

You guys got a great coach in Taffe. I was really hoping that he would come back to Montreal. From what I heard, he would have been interested but Popp wanted to stay on as coach instead. I think that this move will backfire on the Als. Good luck Ti-Cats. Our loss is your gain.

Hmmm. Looks like I may have to eat my words. I just looked at the news conference video and Charlie seems quite high on Maas and wants to work with him in building a new team. My sleeping habits don't look like they are about to improve anytime soon.:frowning: