I just wanted to wish all CFL fans and your favourite teams GOOD LUCK this year. :thup:

Also , good luck in the CFL pools , ect... :thup:

This is a historic CFL season that only happens once in our life time , so ENJOY!!! :rockin:

Don't forget to support the CFL by buying some CFL team stamps today at your local post office or by ordering them on - line. :thup:

If you can't go to the games in person , then try to watch them on , T.V. :thup:

TSN and the CFL are going their best to hype this historic CFL season. Now it is our turn. :thup: :rockin:

:thup: :thup: :thup:

May games be great
races be tight
injuries be minor
and fans be cheerful win or lose
remember it is a game...have fun...let's go CFL!

This IS our league!

:cowboy: well, 22 weeks to go.. 18 games and 3 playoff..

shall be another exciting season of football...

I hope we all this 2012 have a great year and that we all are safe and healthy and can participate in every week's discussions!

I have no gripes or issues with anybody here! I wish you all a lot of fun and challenges and some good drink nights!

Yay to the CFL! :smiley: :thup:

I second that...cheers

Less than an hour!!!!

LETS GET IT ON!!!!! :rockin: