Good luck Alouettes against BC

Hey Als fans, just wanted to say good luck for Saturday in BC and may the best team win. I, as well as many other BC fans and players, are not underestimating the Alouettes chances of ending our 10-0 start to the season or 13 game home winning streak dating back to last season. The Als are a better team than their record shows, and I am hoping for a great game come Saturday night. It's going to be loud in the Dome (last I heard, more than 30,000 tickets sold for this game already). So good luck and let's hope it's a great game!

I must admit that I was ready for a "we gonna kick your butts" post.
Good luck to you as well. It should be a great game.

Thanks you too Roar! 30k tickets sold yet, that's great ! Gonna watch it on tv :slight_smile:

I'm hoping we get at least 35,000 to the game, and if we got 40,000 that would be spectacular. More people in BC place = much better atmosphere. Makes the game feel more professional and important.

If people in Vancouver don't support this team now, they never will. And they sure do seem to be, haven't I heard that they're getting close to selling out the rest of the season? Or was somebody just saying they should? Or are the voices telling me lies now? :wink:

Upper bowl is open for the rest of the season. That means there will be crowd of 30,000 + for the rest of the way. Also, for the playoffs, the Lions will get 55,000+ and will sell out the Grey Cup. Attendance this year for the Lions has been pretty solid.

That's great. Huge crowd like this really put life into a stadium. Its the same with the big O in Montreal. Not that i compare BC place with the big O :slight_smile: I wouldnt dare

Yes, I hope this adds up to an offensive show.

Must confess to you all here. If we lose I won't be crying too hard, because we need a couple of losses to make the team hungry. I would hate to be lacking hunger going into the playoffs.

Hope we see a good entertaining game!

Sportsmen, have you heard anything about attendance numbers for this Saturday's game?

Rumors on other fan sites ( & the fact that CBC will not be showing the game, say that 40K + will be there in attendance.

CBC has dropped it...

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Yesterday’s news !

Also major thread in the CFL Forum:

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CKNW said about 32,000 sold as of yesterday. They always have a good walk up crowd of 4-5000. They might hit 40,000, but my guess would be 37,000 - 38,000.

37,000-38,000 would be great. I went to the Edmonton game where we got 36,000+ and it was hella noisy.