Good Job Yeast!

That a boy Craig. You still managed to pick up 1000 yards recieving dispite being McManus' scapegoat for Danny's poor play. Just listening to Glen McManus defend his dad on that interception makes me want to throw my drink all over him. That ball was clearly over thrown on top of the fact that Yeast was being held. I don't care if McManus retires or goes somewhere else, but with him gone, Yeast will shine next year...again. Yeast is a hard worker and I don't care what anyone says.

Good job, he a great footballer

Yeast has a lot of good years ahead of him here in Hamilton. McManus has just completed his eighth (and most likely final) year as our starter. And no matter who made a mistake, McManus never pointed fingers...though commentators were always quick to point out when a receiver ran a wrong route, gave up on a pass that they could have caught, or just plain dropped a ball that was perfectly delivered.

And rightfully so. McManus has taken a lot of heat for other people's mistakes. Everyone always wants to jump down his throat for every loss the Ticats suffer, no matter whose fault the loss is. Even though there have been more dropped passes than poorly-thrown ones. I've seen them blame him for losses in which the offence has scored over 30 points. I've even heard people blame Danny for losses in games where he didn't even play!

Glen Suitor sticks up for McManus, because McManus is the most maligned player in the league, and would rather shoulder the blame himself than point fingers. That's the mark of a great quarterback. If a receiver makes a mistake that leads to an incompletion or an interception, it's the quarterback who gets that on his stats. That's what everyone sees, and he's the one everyone blames.

But Craig Yeast is a great receiver, who didn't seem to get as many passes thrown to him this year as last. Nevertheless, he quietly went out and did his job, caught a lot of passes, got a lot of yards after the catch, scored touchdowns, and made 1000 yards for the second year in a row. I hope he continues to play for the Ticats for the rest of his career, and puts up huge numbers, and gets a ring for every finger on both hands.

But of all the things I saw in yesterday's game, the one thing that made me feel good more than any other (except the score, of course) was something I noticed when watching the replay of the game: After an incompletion, McManus pointed to himself, as he often did, and the camera showed Yeast, who was pointing to himself. That's sportsmanship -- and two guys I think are destined for the Hall of Fame.

is yeast a free agent after this '05 season?