Good Job Tonight!

Way to beat the Als! We will return the favour Saturday Night.

The Argo's better or you will owe us ha ha ha

Great game Stamps, a hard fought victory.

I see good news and bad news for the rest of the teams in the league. The bad news is Hank is heating up again, the good news is the stamp defence is a little soft.

........maybe not soft of body, but definately in the head.......what the #$%@ we're some of these penalties agian int he first half?.....inexcusable....and you'd think a fourth quarter stand to make the Als punt might have been in order to keep certain people's blood pressure down, yikes!........pig, you are correct, the O was turbocharged tonight, the D had vapourlock.....

Good game for you Stamps , I was cheering you on. Burris looked good but what was with the corner coverage? Letting the Als complete passes at will like that . You need a new guy over there.

Trust me, you wish you wouldn't have return the favor after we face you on Wednesday 8) :wink:

lol anyways, Im looking forward to seeing Wednesday's game against the Argos. It sucks for Argo fans that there team only gets 3 days rest! It's something the Stampeders will have to capitalize on.