Good job Scott, AC and the Als !

Scott : Never gave up on the run and had the gut to call deep passes. :thup:

AC: Kept the running game alive with his treat to run up the middle and what a pass to Watkins to FINISH :thup:

Jamal: Great game on one ankle ! :thup:

Avon: Nice one on Joanne... :thup:

Larry Taylor: Team first buddy :thdn:

Not sure how many props we should be giving to Milanovich for abandoning the run so early.

I think I've figured out why we don't run the ball. We are scared out of doing it way too easily. All the other team has to do is stuff us 1-3 times early in a game and that's it. You don't see Cobourne getting the rock again until the fourth quarter. Whereas teams like the Lions never abandon the run even when the gains are small.

This was an ugly game that the Als did their best to lose. That being said, Richardson had a clutch game, Watkins came up big on the final scoring drive, and Calvillo, despite a subpar day and some very poor decision-making, showed he could pull a game out in the final minute.

Most telling stat when it comes to our offense: in the past two weeks, we're something like 4/25 on 2nd-down conversions of 4 or more yards. That's brutal.

Not too convincing but it's a win, we'll take the 2 points, the beauty of it is that it finished almost the same way as last week. Now time to stir some s...t, what did you guys think of that uncalled head shot on AC when he had been on the ground for at least 3 seconds... I am sure it would have been called against the Als.

Come from behind win against a tough team fighting for a playoff spot.

Offense is struggling but they are still competitive because the defense is playing so well. Larry Taylor needs to take care of business. Two consecutive returns where he hurts the team. Had it not been from his lack of focus the Lions would not have had the lead at any point in this ball game.

One guy who was a big part of the win was Brian Bratton. Most of the big play's were because of his awesome blocks.

One more game against the West (Calgary at Molson) the rest is all against Eastern teams, this should give the Als plenty of time to get out of their funk and add some new stuff.

I don't know about the defense playing that well. They let Mallett chew up yardage again today. He only had 14 carries for 66 yards, but his average was around 4.7 and it just seemed that at crucial times, he'd rip off a big gain. Sanchez got burned trying to hotdog a pick on the Simon TD, Cox was terrible as usual, and Emry didn't show up to play until the fourth quarter. But the D did man up in the end and hold B.C. at bay, led as usual by Anwar Stewart. What a season the 'old man' is having. :slight_smile: And Dix acquitted himself well at Estelle's spot.

I suggest the offense refuse to take the field in the first quarter of any game, because they don't put up points, they don't run the ball, and now they're just turning the ball over. This is supposed to be a high-powered attack? We've sucked for weeks now. Cobourne gets stuffed early and we forget about him until the last half of the fourth quarter. When Anthony Calvillo gets more running touches than Avon Cobourne, you know something is horribly wrong.

The left side of the O-line is crap. Granted, it was Jourdain's first game as a starter, and Seagraves only has 2 games under his belt this year, but we absolutely need better protection for Calvillo on his blindside. If Seagraves doesn't improve at left tackle, get rid of him in the offseason. No sense keeping an import lineman on the roster if he's going to mess the bed like this.

Larry Taylor ... oi. Focus, kid. Think about the team, not flashy returns and your stats.

It's really nice to see Richardson break out and reestablish himself as a receiving threat. On the other hand, I was disappointed that Richardson's big game didn't allow Cahoon more opportunities to see the ball.

Of course it would have been called against the Als....They were calling everything against Mtl and nothing against BC

2 PI calls against the Als were a joke. Then 2 butal non calls go against Mtl

So much for AC and not being able to come from behind....Im calling it 2 consecutive weeks in a row.

Yeah, I've given up with the officials screwing us in games against the Lions. That shot on Calvillo after he'd fallen on the turf and was clearly down? How on earth is that not unnecessary roughness? And then there were the usual parade of bull-kaka PI calls on our DBs that never seem to go our way when it's our receivers being pushed and pulled.

There was also a helmet to helmet on AC that was not called, along with a few non-no yards calls....Its getting ridiculous

Im watching the game again....Lotsa stuff you miss at the stadium. Like the contacting the kicker that of course was not called.

That first PI call.....Jackson tripped over himself. I thought I saw that at the game but its now confirmed.


I hadn't been to an Als game at Molson Stadium since I gave up my season tickets after 2004. It was nice to get out there with my son today. I hope he becomes as much as a fan as I am.

As for the game, I have mixed feelings about it. The Al's D did give up 3 TDs to BC but two of those were results of the Cavillo and Taylor fumbles, each allowing the Lions to start within the 20. Taylor did not have a great game but I must say in his defense that it musn't be easy to field the ball, look up and see 5 opponents right in your face. Coverage has to be a lot better.

The refereeing was atrocious! Definitely a late hit on AC that wasn't called. Some of the PI calls against the Als were really questionable as well.

On a positive note, was nice to see such a convincing drive in the final minutes. Hopefully, they can build on this.

Yeah, there were a couple of sketchy calls. The PI call on Jerald Brown when Jackson got tripped up, it was the ref all the way back 40 yards who threw the flag. The contacting of the receiver, there was a ref right there!

But, its apart of the game. Just so frustrating sometimes

This was an entertaining game- the final Als winning drive of 72 yards was impressive. Bearing in mind that the line was missing two first stringers Calvillo did have time to throw. I was watching Cox [as much as one can watch a defensive player on TV ] I thought Cox played a good game. This guy has good speed, he has a wide range in covering our big field and tackles in a very hard manner. He has knocked the ball out of the receiver's hands preventing receptions and I perceived him staying with opposing receivers. If my memory is correct I think he batted down one of JJ's passes today. His placement as a linebacker was a good move! Boulay had his best game of the year. Like Cox he is good at batting the ball away from receivers hands to prevent touchdowns and, he tackles very hard separating receivers from the ball.

One has to be imprressed with J Jackson- he is a huge QB [240 pounds ] and has a strong arm. Broder-Jourdan was not out of place playing offensive tackle. He made mistakes..expected from a rookie. One very under rated receiver is O'Neil Wilson. This guy has been playing well in BC. He made a good touchdown catch today. When he played with the Als, he was not the best receiver on the team but, this is a fellow who runs his patterns, not giving up on the ball and he has good hands. Too bad we dropped him, he is a much better at receiving than our two D's- one who is inept and one who is too small for the CFL.

So that is my take today. I just know who is going to rebuke my assassment of Cox!!!

LOL ! Well it is a forum so opinions vary , just like the mileage. I agree with you about Cox. I think he's playing great as an OLB and that is great that he agreed to work at a new position, a lot of guys would just rather be cut and play elsewhere at their position. He is the fastest OLB in the league by a mile.

Yes, I'll admit it - I"m the guy who said he never does this and he HAS done it 2 games in a row. Let's hope this new AC - more ordinary during the regular game - and outstanding in the clutch, persists right through the Grey Cup game.

Did anyone notice Als #1 (Joel Wright) doing this monkey dance after every kick offs, the guy ended up enjuring himself doing one of those, probably gone for the rest of the season. He should earn the CFL dumbest player of the week award. The guy was a non-import. :oops: :oops:

He was so excited to be back ... I feel for him. He was one of the first guys downfield every time. But I can see how you would think he's not too smart.

It was really nice to see Calvillo fight through a subpar game and poor O-line protection to lead us to victory in the final minute. It's also nice to know that we have beaten every team in the league at least once, and that if not for officiating incompetence, we could well be 9-1 right now instead of 8-2.

But I really do want Trestman and Milanovich to go back to the drawing board on offense, involve Cobourne more early even when we're not having success running, and find ways for us to score points in the first quarter. We used to be a good first-quarter team. Now we're lucky if we're not trailing at the start of the second quarter.

Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but I have a sneaky feeling the ridiculous calls against the Als were the officials getting back at them for filing a protest.

The same thought crossed my mine and then I realised something.....
If that was the case, we now have "Intent"!!!!!!