Good Job Moncton!

It was a pleasure to watch today's game in Moncton (on TSN), involving Edmonton vs. Toronto. I thought I recognized Jacques Moreau voice as the announcer for the game. It was a little hard to swallow when I heard him say ...Premier Essai! First Down! Argos!

Looked like a good supportive crowd of 21,000, and the game sold out in 36 hours. There was also a nice 2 hour pre-game Tailgate party with a Grey Cup atmosphere all week leading up to the game.

Moncton, you would be welcome with open arms in to the CFL community, and I hope that the Als will get the chance to play
in the Maritimes in the near future. You have represented yourself and have made the rest of the league pay attention.

Keep the Spirit alive!

Cheers :thup:

Yes I thought I heard Moreau's voice also. "Johnson the Paul Carrier"

We prairie folk love Atlantic Canadians (and the love seems to be reciprocated)...

... so I can tell you wholeheartedly that I am seriously looking to the first ever NB/NS team-versus-Saskatchewan Grey Cup in a decade or so. That will be a party, and that will be a game.