Good job Ken Peters

Credit to Mikey who pointed this out in another thread. I just wanted to address the fact that Ken Peters' reporting lately has been very good and very interesting.

As one who has criticized his style on more than one occasion, I must say how pleased I am with his writing lately.

Nice job Ken. Keep it up.

Kudo where deserved IMO. He’s actually writing in English and I might get to read more than the openning line before tossing the paper if he keeps it up

For some reason, I never believe it
when Ticat fans say they don't read
what the Ticat beat reporter writes

especially in a one newspaper town like Hamilton.

Who will tell me that they would
swear on a Bible that it is true?

Didn't read Peters. Bring me the bible and I'll swear to it

Cool! Good for you. That's one.

i find his writing style somewhat annoying, but i still read it (kinda like the same reason i keep coming here.... lol)

HOWEVER there is one way to get around being annoyed by his style of writing.

Watch the old tape of him on Bubba's sunday night sports show on CH...
once you've seen/heard that you'll be thankful he's in the print media and not radio or TV... thankfulness which makes it easy to get through his articles.

also, its still ticat news, so i'll read.

As annoying as Peters can be when he calls my beloved Tigers, bengals, please don't chase him right off the TC beat. We might end up intolerating Scott Radley more often.

Don't read him either