Good job Clermont

He did really good, that one catch 2 roughriders tackle him, guess who falls? THE 2 roughriders and clermont is still going!

In true JC form, he made the grab then bounced through guys for the extra couple of yards. Good to have him back - he was missed.

Was a nice summary of the entire game!

You're welcome for coming out. Dont be bitter.


Having Clermont make those tough catches in the middle may free up some of the outside coverage. I think with Clermont out for those games, defenses "cheated" a bit and played a wider zone coverage. With Clermont back, the defense has to "respect" those middle of the field catches.

What a beast. No signs of his knee injury what so ever and how about taking out two Riders in the late going to spring Logan for another long run. :rockin:

Clermont is the toughest CFL receiver since Ray Elgaard. The other one from the Lions that comes close was Mike Trevathan. Trevathan wasn't as big a Clermont, but he was fearless and liked to hit hard and still get up.