good hank, bad hank

i'm sorry, but i would have put burris on the sidelines with about 9 minutes to go in the second quarter...burris's passes were terrible....we also needed to run the ball outside, not up the middle...with a rolling out, running quarterback, it would have given us better options, as well as let burris see what the defense is doing from the sidelines....there is no harm in putting him back in the not let lefevour have any playing time in the big game was wrong...missing our starting safety also really hurt....

Disagree. With what he did in the playoffs, I think sticking with Burris was the right decision.

Yes, he did play poorly at at times yesterday, but not running the ball and a useless, porous defense didn't help either.

And what about the play in which Giguere dropped that certain first down in the first quarter, right in his gut, and then gets crushed. Talk about not having your head in the game. Complete lack of focus and symptomatic of the whole team yesterday who were pretty much put to lunch for the most part.

Same story for all three playoff games - Henry took half the game to get comfortable and start stringing plays together (actually, in the EDSF, it was longer than that). In an environment like the one yesterday, it was critical to get off to a good start and take the crowd (somewhat) out of the game. I do not know why Burris suddenly had such a hard time getting comfortable for all three playoff games.

Between the drops and the crazy-lucky fumble recovery by Sheets, it didn't take long for momentum to be clearly established by the green team. I have to wonder how different that game would have been if the Ticats had a few bounces go their way early.

I am done with him and we need to move on. I am sick and tired waiting to see which hank shows up.

There was the Giguere drop but also Bakari Grant dropped at least a couple of very catchable balls. I think this game was mostly on the offence as a whole. You could tell right away the Cats were in deep trouble with the two bad snaps early in the game. That exchange happens between the two most experienced guys on the team and they still blew it. Lot’s of mental errors that probably had Austin seething.

They just lost to a more seasoned team. Hamilton got further than anyone gave them expected them probably even their own front office guys. IMO on the field the future is brighter for Hamilton than it is is for Saskatchewan. Only problem is that you guys will lose 3 quality young players in the expansion draft and possibly someone will be willing to pay Burris more than Tillman and Austin are but Austin won't have any problem developing a QB for you guys.

Thank you for your kind comments, Hfxtc.

I am interested to know why you feel Hamilton's future is brighter than Saskatchewan's? I am honestly intrigued.

This was not all on Burris. Receivers dropped catchable balls, receivers not getting open, O line not opening holes consistantly, DB's constantly getting beat or missing assignments and Burrius doesn't call the plays. Return game was dismal for most of the game, etc, etc.
So I would say the entire organization over the entire season was GOOD / BAD. I would love to sit in a a game review session with the coaches to hear what they would have to say while analyzing the game. You can't blame it on any one player or coach.

I totally agree Lennywasout - that was a team effort. All of the receivers dropped balls that were in their hands. What kind of compensation would the Cats get if Ottawa took Giggy?

I'd be happy with a new kicking tee.

Yes, I don't see him in Hamilton much longer.