Good Guys

Seeing this made me smile, but with sadness in that 2 good character guys won't be part our team's future:

WTF...move yourself across the country...what is up with that? Was he just doing that on his own? Don't they (CFL) pay for the move?

Move yourself across the country? When does John Chick have time to do that in the middle of the season?

I think getting a friend to drive your belongings across the country is the definition of "moving yourself"? You know, "Help me move on Saturday? I'm supplying the beer."

Must have been an interesting conversation when JR crossed the border.

"That's right officer. I'm driving a truck I don't own, filled with possessions that aren't mine, to help out a guy I'm not related to. Yes sir, he's fully aware. No sir, I do not presently have a job."