Good Game

We lost but our defence looked great against Calvillo.

After all did he destroy us like the TSN no nothing analysts said he would?

No, I seem to remember only one TD by Montreal offence in the second half and the other was from a blocked kick.

The offence looked better by completing some longer passes but the win slipped through our fingers with a couple of misses by Peterson and Ralph.

That makes two weeks in a row that we should have won the game.

You make some good points, Except for that last one.

Aw thats nice, maybe we'll go 18-0 in SHOULD HAVES

What game were you watching,Hamilton and Mont

What is this the Tie Cats 4th game. By now each game this team should be showing improvement! Is there any. The talent on the team seems to be there it is the problem with the coaches. It looks like they can not put this talent together to challenge. The coaches lost the game in Calgary and now they lost this one to a degree. How many more before the hook comes out!

Wake up and smell the coffee.This is a poor football team. The Cats were outscored 17 - 3 in the second half. The offence is anemic. No time to put a happy face on a bad situation. We are not a good team. Once again no half time adjustments were made. Montreal came outstrong in the second half and we let them take this one away from us too. But before Coach Marshall is axed, remember Pao Pao is not the solution........Back to the drawing board...........

While the defense did come up big, I think we got off a little easy last night due to the Als not executing like they normally can. And I would put that down to the week off they had.

So yes...our offense showed glimmers, the defense looked better (especially the secondary) but Montreal was rusty.

Ooops...but one thing that did please me was some of the hits from Wayne Shaw and Tay Cody. Now that's what I like to see. Even if Cahoon still held onto the ball for the reception, it was nice to see him get drilled. A receiver isn't going to want to put up with throughout the game. At some point he'll shy away or cough it up.