Good Game

Hey Stamps fans, as a Ticat fan, I'm not used to saying this from the winning side lately, but good game. I was at the game, and it felt like your team was going to put together a comeback in that last drive.

Hope Burris is alright.

And as for Coach Sweet, he is in one of the best cardiac hospitals in the province (if not THE best), so he is in good hands. I'm sure I speak for all Ticat fans when I say our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

And again, good game.

...a good game back to you catfan, from what I saw (up to the half) your team played with a lot of guts and determination...keep hanging in there, TO is not that far in front in the standings and a cinderella story could be in the making.... news on Sweet, our prayers are with him too, and not good news on Hank, it sounds like a big injury for him....

Thanks for the kind words, and good luck
in the future.

By the way, i heard Sweets fine.

Supposedly he had a sever anxiety attack.

Well, that's great to hear.

When something like that happens, it doesn't matter what team it's on. We stop being Ticat fans, Stamp fans, Argo fans, Esks fans or whatever... and we pray that a fellow human being is safe and healthy.