Good Game

Pretty good game. D was great. But what's with our QB's over throwing our WR's in the redzone?

I listened to the game on the internet.
All new top end.
Do I see a problem between Kerry Joseph and Kent Austen

Thats what Im worried about. It seems like there are no passing plays, well very littler, for in the redzone. Unless they are planning on scoring 40, 50, or 60 yard TDs, then I think they should develop their redzone offence a bit...

We will see next week, go Riders

the Riders move the ball around good but had a lil problem gettin in the red zone. :cowboy: i hope they will fix that soon :wink: other than that, it look the like the Riders look like they moving faster for the ball :rockin:

Actually, the only TD they did score was because of Joseph's scrambling ability. Look at how you got the TD, Kent, and add more of a ground game to that pass oriented offence.

I was at the game and have a few comments;
1.) Don't worry about the red zone production. The team diliberatly went to a vanilla offence inside of the red zone to limit the game film Montreal could study (According to Ausitn on the Radio after the game).
2.) 1st string defence shut Burris right down. I don't think we will be as weak there as some people have suggested.
3.) Find a way to get people into the stands faster. The new bar coded tickets are causing quite the line-ups.
4.) The new cheer leading squad was much more entertaining.
5.) I think Burris needs to look over his shoulder. Smith looked very composed.
6.) Domingues and Fantuz remainded me very much of Ray Elgaard. Very determined to both catch the ball and then drag would-be tacklers for extra yards.

1). In addition, defences are usually ahead of offences early in the year, and especially when you are instituting a brand new package as are the Riders.
2). I expect the defence to again be very strong. And they did impress last night.
3). The bar code tickets should speed up entrance, not slow it down. Line-ups were more the result of the huge crowd. Plus if you were one of the many waiting in the lengthy lineup on the east side trying to get through the north gate, I recommend the south gate....
Too many rookie fans was the real problem...
4). Especially when they nearly dropped the one girl on her head...but yes, adding some real athleticism to the squad will be good...
5). Burris looked shaky and we all know how much he loves competition...not!!
6). Both guys looked in midseason form. Matt is gonna have a career year (knock-on-wood)!!

Good stuff, Narles!

Well the reason that some of those balls went high was because the QB was throwing the ball so that it could not be intercepted... When you are going to be sacked and your receivers are covered....

The ticket problem was not just because of the sold out game. I agree that the fans should have spread out to some of the other entrances, but heck they were just going to the one that they had gone to in previous years.

The team should have had staff more than 10 yards from the entrance redirecting people to the entrance that was not busy.