Good Game Winnipeg :)... look forward to more!

I was at the game, and had a great time. I have some observations to make. But first let me start by saying... for a Ticat fan (and I'm one of them) to come on to this forum and brag that we won is a) trolling, and b) an inaccurate boast, considering it's only preseason. I saw this on a previous post and it's ridiculous IMHO.

Remember, neither team had all of their starters playing. Winnipeg had Hunt, Willis, Ralph, Reid, Brown, etc. sitting out the game. Hamilton had Maurice Mann, Knowlton, Floyd, Jamal Johnson, etc. sitting out. Also, teams run a 'vanilla' offense in the preseason, rarely throwing in any unique plays from their playbook. So, this is not an accurate portrayal of how these two teams will play each other this year.

That being said, I was impressed with my Tabbies, and have a cautious optimism for the upcoming year. Cobb had a few big runs. This Heyward kid from Texas impressed me as a DB. Our O-line was pretty good, as was our D-line. This Manson guy looks like our PR for the year. However, Porter I was not impressed with. I would not be surprised to see Tafralis overtake him for #2. Glenn overthrew a couple passes, but also connected on a few big ones, so it's ok. Our DBs could learn to tighten up a little as well. That was a problem last year too.

But what am I doing talking about the Ticats on a Bomber forum (like I never do that :wink: ). While I don't know all your players names like I do the Ticats, I'll do my best here. Let me start by saying that the professionalism of the Blue Bomber squad is x2 better than last year. The subtraction of Mike Kelly and the positive, collected attitude of Paul Lapolice will do wonders for your team this year. Your guys gelled, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy being out there today (that's something I never saw in the Bombers last year, even the Thanksgiving game where you destroyed us). There was no tenseness... they were loose and ready to go. Buck Pierce only played a quarter, but for whatever reason didn't look comfortable. Jyles actually impressed me more than Pierce did. Jyles won the battle of the backups IMHO. If Buck goes down, you should have no problem with Jyles in there, as long as he plays like he did today. I'm sure Buck will do fine, he played good against MTL in the first preseason game. Reid didn't play so it's hard to properly evaluate your RB system. And your defense, like last year (and it seems like every year), was excellent. One thing I did notice is that WPG got a lot of penalties, but many were off-side penalties. Chalk it up to preseason, I'm sure they'll get the kinks worked out there. That Jeffers-Harris (the guy whose name sounds like an insurance company) made a HUGE play, and really impressed me as well. He will be good for you guys. Your defense is as hard-hitting as ever. Drisan James of the Ticats got absolutely HAMMERED by one of your D players (don't know name, wish I did), but still held on the ball. If that player keeps hitting like that, not many receivers will be holding on to any balls. Oh ya and Serna is fine too. After his name was announced when he came out to kick a FG, my wife turned to me and said "Did he say Setta? Is he playing for Winnipeg now?' I told her no, it's Serna! Then I told her we no longer have Setta we have Sandro, and well, it just went on from there...
Good game anyways. Can't wait for more!
There... some unbiased observations from a good preseason game. And the best part... I don't think any one can accuse me of trolling :wink:

One thing that stood out for me when it came to the bombers....was Alex Brink.

That guy was impressive and i'm wishing we hadn't of traded him to the Peg.

He was good, but he was playing against the 2nd and 3rd stringers by that point. Then again, so was Trafalis.

Thank you for your comments. It was interesting to read your thoughts on the game.

Understood, but his passes were still very precise and he was poised when under pressure.

He was also playing WITH 2nd and 3rd stringers.

nice to see the comments cats fans... yes thank you for brink... he was only throwing against the backups, but even so, i think most can admit he didnt look like a rookie out there, very calm and throws a nice ball... not bad for his first cfl camp... given time.. who knows... adam dimichele looked similar when he had more time last week against mtl... i think we finally have a good qb stable here...

dont mean to sound like a **** or a ***** or any combination of stars :wink: lol... but porter doesnt overly impress me... he has the physical skills for sure... but i dunno... he doesnt strike fear into me... glenn looked great on those deep balls... given more time hel be gold again im sure... bruce and mann give u guys 2 very big play options...

looking forward to a great rivalry this season... best of luck

Porter didn't impress too many people today in the stands either. I thought another year would have brought some maturity and poise, but no... still the deer in the headlights look. Tafralis will be #2 soon.

thank catsfan, as much as we say we dont like you guys, its just on the football field and i think you know that. :thup: :thup:

that was a pretty accurate post as far as i can see, pierce was getting some terrible field position the whole time he was out there probably due to the fact our whole d-line weren't there, but thats no excuse for that kind of outing, he better come to play on july 2nd....

the only starters we had on defence were Ian Logan, Keyou Craver and Dorian Smith. Marcellous Bowman was there though and will probably start this year at WILL. Looked great in both games.

What kind of bothered me was that we had most of our starting O there, and couldnt really move the ball in the first quarter with Pierce.

You guys definately(like I thought all along) will have a tough team this year. A complete offence, with a solid Defence. cant wait to get this rivalry started July long!

Finally the adults have shown up, lol, nice work cats and jordan.

Appreciate your insight from the game.

I think both teams got a good look at the guys they wanted to.

Next time, the real bullets fly and both teams better be ready to rumble.

......Nice work casfan and jordan.....appreciate the view from the 'otherside' The next game will definitely set the season uo for both clubs...When all the bullets start to fly for'll be damn good entertainment.... win or lose...It should be quite a show,,,Can't wait :thup: :rockin:

TJH will be an impact player for us this year no doubt. LIked what i have seen from him, he has all the tools and was very impressed with ihis interview on Global Wpg. I didn't know that he can return punts .

I feel much better about Jyles today than I have since he's been here...He looked good...

Not sure if my opinion of Pierce has changed, would've liked to see more from him, naturally, but he's still gonna be the started for Game 1...

Harris is a real find...21 years old...good hands, and FAST BABY...

Looks like Marcellus Bowman will get the nod at WIL.

Speaking of Bowmans...Sigh...Adarius...sooo much potential wrapped up in a fast, tall body, complete with Frying pan hands...I sure hope he can get that worked out...14 points in the preseason NOT on the board his hands are the reason why. Don't get me wrong...I'm disappointed with him more than anything. I really want him to be THE GUY here.

Wondering about the decision to leave most, if not all of the DLINE at home...purely to evaluate the players they did bring, or to keep the pressure off of Hamilton until game 1, and then SURPRISE, Glenn's runnin for his life? The rooks did a decent job though, at times. Decent pressure, but man, no run stopping.

Glenn reminded me of why he's a career .500 guy. Beautiful passes like 2 out of three times, but then that 3rd one is ugly.

So much talk of how we're in trouble if Buck goes down...Hammy better pray Glenn doesn't go down...Porter has regressed, IMO

Who's going to back up Reid? Bernard didn't show much.

Special teams coverage needs to be more consistant...2 preseason games and there have been big returns in both of them. Good thing our punter can tackle.

Should be interesting to see who the coaches settle on for the DBs this year. Jovon, Craver, and Stewart should all be there, I think...

yea, where did bernard go.,.. although our oline wasnt the strongest... they gave marc the ball twice up the gut for small gains... i was hoping to see more variety of runs from marc... bernard hasnt done a lot thru 2 games... but we didnt see enough of marc for them to cut bernard in favor of him... so bernard stays ii guess

.....i think it's going to be a tougher call than a lot of people think.....Bernard has completely disappeared...Helluva shame to...he was a bright-light last year....I hope he didn't think he just had to show-up and was banking on his last years performance to keep his spot.....Sorry guy ...doesn't work that way... :roll: :frowning:

i think stephenson may be the xfactor in all this.. its a shame he got hurt and wasnt playing yesterday... cause if his play against the als was a sign of how far hes progressed, than i think he could be becoming the player everyone anticipated out of college... big, strong, and fast... ppl have been mentioning him as our starting fullback, i could also see them keeping ooster around, and using stephenson not only as a fb, but as our backup tailback...

depending on his injury, and assuming last game wasnt a fluke of course... if stephenson is becoming that good. i can see us not needing the extra import back at all... maybe on the pr or something... it would sure be nice to have an extra DI spot lying around (bernard was a DI last year)

not making excuses for bernard but.. 1. that earthquake in haiti was were alot of his familly lived and 2. he lost his dreads :stuck_out_tongue:

Stephenson is an interesting fellow. I watched a few of his games with windsor and one week he would make everyone on the field look silly and rush for 200 yards and then the next week he wouldnt be able to make a guy miss if his life depended on it.

stephenson and sadeghin both have looked pretty good in their attempts this past pre-season.

if im a betting man, my guess.. oosterhuis is cut.

I'm not sure how much of an opportunity Bernard has had in games. He hasn't had many carries and did they try to throw to him out of the backfield at all in either game. I would still put him ahead of Marc because of last season. Marc hasn't done enough to make people forget that. I think Bernard will make the roster and perhaps Marc will go on the PR.