Good Game Tonight Except For............

The stupid zebra's with orange flags.

I am getting so annoyed with the amount of penalties being called this season. Once again Maas gets a head shot after already being down and a no call. How many more does he have to get before he gets seriously hurt.

That penalty near the end of the game too was in my opinion a battle for the ball and nothing more and pretty much cost us the game. Montreal didn't look that great tonight with the exception of Chip Cox and Ben Cahoon.

How many more times are we going to get screwed by the Refs when the game is almost done. It happened on the road in Calgary and then tonight in Montreal. These refs need vast improvement or they need to find new jobs. I do think they have improved but they are still really poor

Is it just me, or does Dave Foxcroft hate the Tiger Cats? It sure sounded like the annouincers (who obviously don't like us) were surprised when that flag came out on the "pass interference" call late in the game.

Yup that call in particular really got me mad. Same thing as I said two weeks ago in Calgary.

The call against Kornegay?

That was interference. Good call.

The officiating IMO was at worst decent tonight... a couple marginal calls but all in all it was good. You figure MTL's challenge was over ruled and it was clearly a caught ball.. yes the Refs missed 1 or 2 calls.. for BOTH sides but they CERTAINLY didn't decide the outcome of this game... being in the Peg watching it on TSN I had the luxury of replay after replay and all looked good

For once, the third team did not dictate the winner of the game. I don’t expect that trend to last.

Even though the refs were not the greatest, it was good to see the cats become more diciplined every game. They did not get penalised that much during this game compared to some dumber penalties i have seen them take in the past.

The worst call actually went our way, the review on the catch that didn't get over turned. The review system is showing just how bad the refs are, when they can't get it right by looking at slow mo replays then it's time they start axing some of these guys and George Black.

I agree that that play should have been called a catch, but based on the precedent of the Watkins non-catch review in the endzone last week, I had a feeling this one would also be called no catch.
George Black was on the radio Monday and said in the case of determining whether a receiver has the ball "long enough", slow-motion replays (which most of the TV replays are) are considered unreliable and therefore less likely to be called "indisputable evidence" to overturn such a call.

So I ask.... "why don't the refs ask to be shown the replays at regular speed?" in such a case.