Good game tonight Bombers!

Congradulations on the win tonight! :lol: :x :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning: :o :? :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :expressionless: :wink:

your still going to have to eat crow

Nope for me to do that my blue friend your team would have to be hoisting the Grey Cup and that will not happen. On the other hand you and piggy will have a feast of the black bird!

or the Stumps losing to the Riders first round?

Thats not a problem for me but my blue friend I do not think you could take your team losing in the first round right! :lol:

Depends, afterall its alot better then what happend last season....

Depends, afterall its alot better then what happend last season....

Coach Berry has done a good job in Winnipeg his first year, although his temper tantrums on the sidelines does wear a little thin after a while and some players will tune him out eventually.
He does appear to have got the best coaches from Ottawa in Marshall and Harris, but then having players like Simpson, Warner, Stegall and Roberts make coaches look smarter.
But a good turn around from last season none the less.
Shows it can be done if you bring in the talent.

...RED...MY SON....i don't re-call us ever saying we would win the Grey Cup ...though we do have a shot like everyone else in the play-offs....what we did allude to was a play-off spot...and a better record for 06...Where winning all the marbles came from with-out furhtur adieu....i present to you ...your dinner.


Nice LOSS by the Stamps tonight...I guess b!tching about BC was more important than playing the Bombers yesterday.

Do the Riders still have a chance at hosting the semi?

Wrong again it is not about the Stamps but about the Bombers!

ya, i dont recall the bet ever being about the grey cup, i think red just made that up so he didnt have to eat crow, i thought it was more along the lines of us making the playoffs/having a good team. but oh well.

we have a great shot at making the playoffs now with most of our injured players coming back, were starting to look like that 5-2 team that started the season again. imo anywase

No the riders do not! But I have to tell you the Lions sure did not look with the Tiger Cats. MInd you both games were meaning less.

OK guys just for you the crow cereal tastes good!

There was really no bet! But my understanding was the bomber fans boasting about being in the big game and that was where I was at. But if it makes you boys happy there you go I will eat the cereal.

that's what i like about you're a good sport :thup: :wink:

So you could care less what the Stamps do as long as the Bombers dont do anything?

Yeah RW2005 is no arse. Not like somebody else I know around here. :lol:

Good luck in the playoffs Red!

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! I can always count on those bomber fans. As far as not caring about the Stamps no I do care! But if they do not go past the west semi it would not disappoint me what so ever. They played good entertaining football. You can not win all the time (exception Eskimos). The bombers did well no doubt about it. But the rumor mill has it their roster has pushed them over the cap for next year so I guess if your going to make a run do it now. My feeling is the Argo's will be the team to represent the east. The bombers have problems with Montreal. And when the bombers beat the Argos they had shoes to fill for injuries. Yes you guys had injuries as well but not when you played the Argo's. Good Luck!
The crow cereal Pappa tasted good next time in a couple of weeks you should subsitute the crow with the cereal to aovid the feathers. By the way put piggy back in the pen he has been roaming around the farm yard much to long!