Good Game Stamps

Congrats to the stamps offense for finally producing like we all know they can and to the stamps D for stopping us dead. I kinda figured this would happen, but at least this means the pattern lives and we should beat Edmonton next week =) Too bad Joseph couldn't connect on some of those wide open deep passes, but life goes on. Reynolds is a beast, but it was nice to see KK play like he can. Definitely the best player in Green and White tonight. Again congrats, and hopefully the tie breaker won't be an issue come the end of the season.

Go Riders!!

Yup. Riders are officially an average team at best. I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but tonight game proved they are just mediocre. Luckily, that's not the worst thingto be in the CFL. Hoping they get hot late in the year.

.......kudos to Joseph for coming back in after that first sack....OMG that looked brutal....tough guy for sure.......Reynolds was used effectively and the stamp receivers finally held onto most that was thrown their way.....KK had a decent game and this should help his confidence next week in Edmonton...

....Best run of the night?.....the fourth quarter streaker who went 110 yards before being arrested........

Ah you know out of all the rider fans on this site I knew you would be the one to congradulate the Stamps! Thanks Dr Rise! Now you have to teach some more of your fellow fans!

Sambooooooooo Sambooooooo Samboooooo where are you! Yes I did read in the other thread Sambo did post! :lol:

Since when do you have to congratulate the other team after a loss. Sure you can do it, but I dont think it looks bad if you don't. I did not see the game (I have been in the Frankfurt airport for the past 16 hours coming home today) so I dont know how it went ( I don't trust many of the reports on this site).

Congrats to the stamps I guess, and we will see you in Taylor Field in the playoffs. hehehe

go riders go

i honestly didn't think calgary played that well. at least their offence.
stamps had field position all night thanks top congi's weak punting. and they were only up 10 at the half.
calgary's d played really well, but I wasn't that impressed with calgary's offence. needed a d turnover (that brutal hit on the second play) and a pass interference call to set up their majors.
still, a missed chance for the riders. 9-9 here we come.

I guess Billy by Congradulating the opposing team it shows good sportsmanship something you would not know about loser!

Chewy glad you are back! Yes I agree the Stamps offense should be much better. This was more of a defensive win then anything. But was an imporvement! They did get three touchdowns to the riders zero touchdowns.

Stamps did play well. i didnt see the game but i did listen to it on the radio. i was at a wedding and jumped on the radio after the ceremony and supper. but i heard about the hit on joseph. sounded bad, to bad i didnt get to see it, as redandwhite said it was good toi see/hear him come back on the field right after. i still think calgary has more potential, the D showed up tonight. offence did for the most part but coulda still played better. but Grace never ceases to amaze me. that guy is one fast linebacker. step for step with kenton keith to stop him for a loss. also as stated before, reynolds really is a beast. he reminds me of sellers, only in runningback version. the guys amazing. im not suprised hes taking the rushing title this season. once hank gets fully into gear, i think calgary's going to be pretty awsome.

but for those saying saskatchewan is a mediocer team at best, or having serious doubts about them, i personally think they are a good team. Joseph has really proven me wrong this season. i was wrong about Joseph, ill take my crow. Domingeuz and armstead for recievers is pretty awsome to. and your offensive line has proved to be dominant in the past. your defence is also increadible when it shows up. good to see your retunrer step up to. once this team starts firing on all cylinders consistantly they'll be quite dangerous imo. but hey, uve been making the playoffs havent you sask? thats alot better then us, missing the playoffs two years in a row.

That wasn't you???

Anyways good game played by the Stamps defence. Holding a CFL team to no touchdowns is always an accomplishment.

The Riders offence let us down. It was the little things tonight, a couple untimely drops, an overthrow when Dominguez got behing coverage, a botched snap on 2 and inches, a missed block by French, and bad, bad punting, especially in the first half.

The Stamps executed when they were given the opportunities and that's why they beat us 3 touchdowns to none.

.....ridiculous statement....the KJ hit and fumble was the third event of the game, how could you fashion that into Calgary 'needing' this to score a major?....our offense hadn't even hit the field up to then so for you to reason this was somehow 'required' to score a major is beyond me.....and any team will captialize off a pass interference play, it helps to shorten the field but again to say that this was the sole cause of the third Calgary major is just sourgrapes, how about Reynolds running all over your D?...that is pretty instrumental as well doncha think?...

Now that is a great post James! I agree the Riders are a good team as for the Stamps they need to get better! Their offense just got by yesterday yes they got three TD's but the offense still did not have the spark they had last year. The hits Joseph took yesterday were causing him to hear footsteps and made him rush his passes. The next game for the riders against the Eskies should be a good one. way Jose.......the sight of a naked RedandWhite sprinting down the field would cause pregant women to miscarriage and small children would be emotionally scarred for life....

Chewy he does have a point and it was clearly pass interference. But like I always say sometimes these events are with you or against you it is part of the game. The problem with your post is you fail to look at your teams down fall in the game. They could not score a touchdown for one. They new Reynolds was going to be used and did nothing to stop him. They did a good job shuting down the pass to a degree but then that opens up the running. Joseph looked shaky all throught the game but I do not blame him he was getting murdered out there. What happened to that offensive line? It sure was pourous yesterday.

Actually the guy that streaked came from section G. He was passed out for two quarters and was removed from his seat. The next thing you know he running down the field! He seemed like a very happy Rider fan with a bit too much sauce! :lol:

Holy now he is a Rider fan because he made a fool of him self :roll: so was he or wasnt a Calgary fan?

no sour grapes here. yah, calgary moved the ball relatively well... but where was their finish? they kept the riders around much too long. calgary also had a short field all first half, and all they put up was 16 points? do that against a team that puts out a better effort than the riders did saturday, and i would suggest the stamps would be in trouble.
i'm no homer - i give credit where it's due. riders had a terrible game punting, and their offence wasn't up for the calgary d.
the calgary offense, IMHO, failed to put the riders away early. perhaps you have rose-coloured glasses on since your team won, but if I was a Stamps fan, I would still be a little concered about your offence.
as for the riders, well, I'm concerned they settle for .500. watch them come out again with a great game, and then stink it up.

oh and it's good to be back... not much to say so far this season other than the riders settle for mediocrity...

oh, i have scorn for my team. i just felt calgary's o lacked the killer instinct. and I have no doubt that was pass interference. still, 2 of 3 tds came off of a turnover and a pass interference call.
if you calgary fans are happy with your team's offence, great. i think if they play like that against MTL, they'll get smoked. AC can string together a few more first downs that the riders inconsistent offence

...congrats to Calgary for a well earned win....finally put it all together eh red......but will it last... :wink: :roll:

The Stamps showed that they can turn over a ball faster than the speed of light...nice win , but suspect at best...Go Bombers..