Good Game Stamps

Well I have to hand it to the Stamps. They came out on fire from the opening whistle and were full marks for the victory.

I like what I saw from their defence today, yes they made a few mistakes but overall they were forcing the issue rather than waiting for things to happen. Can't say the same for the Bombers.

The Stamps o and d lines won the war in the trenches, Burris had a lot of time to pick out open receivers, while Kevin Glenn was hounded back there.

This could very well be the best I have seen the Stamps play all year ? If they continue this pace, they are going to be very tough in the playoffs.

Thanks Piggy! I thought both teams played a good game not very often we get to see many of the best receivers in one game. But there are plenty of good receivers on every team. This was a great show. IMO the Bomber defense did not do as well as earlier in the season.

Your welcome 05, I know how much this one meant to you :wink: .

And seriously, I was really impressed with the Stamps d today, they made life miserable for Glenn. As for the Bombers, well, no push from the dline, credit the Stamp oline, and the secondary looks more confused by the Marshall zone than the opposition.

I'm just hoping our guys can come out with a little more nastyness and sharpness next week, or it will be another long night for them.

I agree there was some strange stuff today the double turnover was funny. But I think now we can say that Crehan was holding our defense back.

That seems to be the case, of course it could also have been the boost from Hank starting. Guess we'll find out in the next few games.

I missed both games had to get firewood looks like the Calgary game was a big one guess the Bombers are running out of gas. Burris looks like hes back in and maybe leading the way for the MOP.

Tough losses to TO, BC and the Stamps, I don't think the Bombers are running out of gas, they just didn't make enough plays in those games to win, and the slow starts really cost them. Against good teams you better come prepared to play 60 minutes, something the Bombers haven't had to do much of all year.

Congrats Stamps.