Good game so far...

Nice job by both the Als and the Bombers.

Reid is impressive, a couple of nice runs.

Some nice receptions as well.

This is one of those games where I don't know who to cheer for...

Yeah im super impressed by Reid, at least its an exciting game, unlike last week against Toronto.

Im an Als fan and I dont know who to chear for either!

I cant see the Als beating Wpg twice in a row so if they are only gonna win one.....make it next week

Brady is making some amazing passes tonight. I'm only cheering for Winnipeg because I picked them to win. Otherwise it'd be a toss up for me, as well.

if wpg wins tonight, they probably will not meet next week. Riders most likely to beat toronto.

Maybe but Tor has something to play for, SSK does not

"cahoon is like a salmon in that net"

I know anything can happen in the CFL but I can't see either team going to the Cup if they play like that.

Me neither.

But what was with that short pass on 3rd & 10? Go for the big one, or punt out of the red zone. How Popp could give the ball to the Bombers on his own 3 yard line just blows me away. He's lucky, IMO, that Berry was nice and didn't go for a touchdown in the final 30 seconds. I know I would have gone for it.

Reid was amazing out there tonight. The Bombers have themselves a great replacement for Roberts.

///REPLACEMENT....we're gonna run them both out of the backfield and watch the opposition squirm.... :lol:

The Riders will sit most of their starters after a quarter of play. They will not want injuries as they have many now. The Boatmen will win and finish first in the eastern conference. At least that what my pro line says. LOL

Both defences played well tonight, coming up with big stands when they needed to. Despite the passing game faultering again, the Bombers got some much needed help from their running game and special teams for a change and it was the difference in the game. By JC it was a cold one.

I guess it's TO then. Not sure that is much better. The East just isn't as strong this year, but it was nice to see some parity there (Hamilton aside) so that the last couple of weeks of the season actually meant something. That part would have been nice in the West.