Good Game Riders!

The was good game Riders! Congradulations on the win!

Thank you. It was a very defensive game and for once we came from behind. ow often does that happen. Now if your Stamps can beat the Eskimos tomorrow all will be well. Not sure why I care, but I definitely dislike Edmonton more than I could ever be mad at Burris.

Go Riders!!

Riders vs Stamps GC 2005

Full credit to the Riders for their win. It was a defensive battle and Riders scored a TD when they needed it. People say defence win championships so as a positive, the Lions have played well defensively in the past couple of weeks but have to get their offense going.

Wow, obviously I know that a lot of people consider the Eskimos the 'evil empire' but wow, Dr. R. would rather cheer for the hated BURRIS over them is till a suprise...that really goes deep!

The Esk's are not hated ..
Just mis understood...
So what if they cheat..
As long as the Riders don't win
Who cares...