Good Game Riders!

Good game for your team.

Looked like Rider Nation was representin' at McMahon today, although the camera pans during the last Rider-Stamps game seemed to show more green at the stadium compared to this time.

Thanks RW05, wasn't the blowout that some predicted but as far as im concerned the win is just fine :slight_smile:

At least we were treated to a fairly entertaining second half, Sankey played pretty well off the bench.

Sankey looked great I thought. He had nearly the same number of passing yards as Joseph had for the whole game.

Not a solid win by any stretch for the Riders. I for one will say the Burrisless Stamps gave more that I thought they would today.

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon of football. I believe the better teams won both games yesterday.

I suspect Akii's days are numbered. So much for being rated as one of the better back-ups in the league. He has proven he flop in the NFL was no fluke, and he is flopping in the CFL.

Redwhite.. are you kidding me?

If it wasn't for the fact that Calgary didn't have Burris.. the Riders possibly would have lost that game! The Riders offense stunk! and luckily Smith was in for half the game!!

We definitely need to play MUCH better!!

I can not win! :roll: :lol: I have to agree with you. The riders better pull up their socks and play much better in the next four games.

Sankey sure showed that he can play. If he had been in for the whole game, the Stamps might have won on Monday.

I agree. I do not understand when Smith started so slowy why not a change up. You would always have the option to go back to Smith. Oh well it happens and it seems Sankey may have found a home. I would suspecty Smith will go down as another NFL style QB that did not make the grade. Smith is a great guy but thats the nature of the business produce or move on.

Careful, you will get accused of Rider bashing again! :wink:

Its ok I have new bomber fans to contend with. :lol: :lol: I find it funny they come on not to talk football for their first 20 post but to come on and attack someone because they have a different opinion. l

Yup, another Tee Martin.

I'm really surprised at Smith's play. I went to the pre-season game between the Stamps and Riders, and was really impressed with his play. Henry played the first half with the first stringers, and looked horrible. Then in the second half, Smith came in and really lit it up. Realizing that he was facing a lot of second stringers, he still looked poised and threw some perfect passes. I was thinking he will really give Henry a run for his money at starting. Well, after how he performed on Monday - I was wrong.