Good Game Peg!

Great game to watch. Two very good teams showcasing their talent. Two close calls. Roberts' fumble was hard to call but so was the overturned fumble off the punt to set up the drive. I figure they evened out. Roberts had a great game as did Stegall (the touchdown Regal). No one really stood out on the Lions but they all played a solid game.

Good luck the rest of the way and we'll see you in the Grey Cup for a rematch.

I think the opening kick off was the TSN turning point get on that ball.

You sure you're a Lion fan?
Magnanimous in victory?
A good sport?

Good for you.
Hopefully you have raised the bar for the entire forum!!


It was an exciting game, down to the last few seconds. Some incredible catches by receivers on both sides. The ones that standout are the late 2nd TD by Claremont, and the 3rd quarter tipped ball TD by Winnipeg. Boden too on that sliding catch he made in the first half.

Roberts played great all night, but Smith had a tough time. It looked like he may have gotten a bit of an injury early in the game, and that seemed to have slowed him down somewhat.

Credit to the Bombers D in the second half in shutting down the Lions O just when it looked like the Lions might blow it wide open.

Bombers O came alive in the second half and what can you say about Roberts, arguably the best back in the league.

If this is a GC preview, it will be a tough game for both teams.

Credit to Lions for helping the Argos, if we win tomorrow we're only three points back.

Goooooooo ARgoooooooos!

There is no "gooooooooo" in the Argo fight song...


Good game Winnipeg. If there was ever any doubt who the best team in the CFL is (which I never thought there was), it was answered tonight in Winnipeg.

See my signature for the answer to that one.

Anyone ever say good game BC?

no but i will good game bc. and rlr what is that supposed to mean no more doubt. both teams played equal. and sitting there i pointed out bomber mistake after mistake. i thinks there is still a huge amount of doubt in who is really number 1.

There shouldn't be any doubt who is #1 in the CFL. Check the standings, those usually tell the truth.

Lions are #1 in the league right now but anyone who thinks they can win without bringing their A game will be in for a big surprise. Bombers, Lions and Riders are all neck and neck. And if the Argos could ever get some O to go with that D, they'd be right there too.

The Lions just won without bringing their A game, their top 2 quarterbacks and starting kicker. Wasn't too surprised with the result either. Elite teams find a way to win in these tough circumstances and the Lions have been doing it all season long.

In all honesty, Winnipeg played the better overall game tonight. The difference was the two goal line stands by BC. The better team of the evening did not win the game. BC had a couple of spurts where they were strong but that was about it. Poor game by Jarius, poor game by Smith. Doesn't make any difference as they got the win, but they were not the best team tonight.

Read post above about elite teams finding ways to win. We were outplayed in Saskatchewan and escaped with a victory on the road. We may very well have been outplayed tonight but left Winnipeg with the W. You can't ask for much more from Jarious' 7th ever CFL start on the road in a tough environment. Winning in Saskatchewan, winning in Winnipeg, nothing rattles this guy or this team.

A 5-1-1 road record is pretty impressive if you ask me.

You keep believing that

LOL, ok homer.

As far as Smith goes, he may not have had a lot of yards but at least he punched it in when called. How many times did Roberts shank it at the goal line?

There was no doubt in my mind who was going to get more rushing yards tonight. But I really thought that last drive was going to make it in. That obviously hurt, but I still wonder about forward progress.....

Don't wonder about it LGB, it was a fumble. LOL