Good Game on Sunday

Just wanted to wish all the best to the Lions and their fans. Let's hope that there are no injuries and that it is not only a well played game, but a well officiated game.

That's not some sort of sub-cutaneous stab about "canned noise" or mysteriously absent video footage is it? Well, let's hope not...

But I digress...

Yup. Back atcha' green71. Too bad that Cates is out of your lineup, but at least Szarka will be out to cover KJ's backside. Don't think our ST won't be ready for the fake kick too. Should be a wicked loud game.

I made a comment during the game last week poking fun at Calgary for showing everyone their fake field goal play in a game that was well out of hand against the Argo's.

I was glad the Riders saved theirs for a meaningful game, it's too bad we didn't get any points out of that play.

All we can hope for is some great entertainment and that everyone stays safe and has one hell of a good time.

That being said, g/l Riders fans. It should be a good one.

The fact that so many tickets have been sold can only benefit the Lions and the leagues bottom line. It is only fitting that the 2 best teams in the CFL are playing in the west final. Odds makers favor the lions. My heart cheers for the riders but whom ever wins Sunday should be the odds on favorite to win the cup. If the Riders had to play a road Playoff game I'm glad its in BC as it seems they always step it up. That and there are so many Saskatchewan fans that attend the games at the dome when these 2 teams play that I am sure you will be able to hear cheers for both teams through out the game

Best of the West Showdown - The Sequel.

It's The Roast on the Coast, the Earth Mover in Vancouver:
The Orange Meows[ vs. Green Machine Plows.
Province of the Cat vs. The Province of Flat.
Catnip smokin a Bowl vs. Green in the Soul.

The BC Canned Noise Station welcomes The Green Rider Nation.

Yup. Should be an ear breaker!

Let's Go LIONS!!!! Let's Go LIONS!!!! :twisted:

Good post green71. Two good teams meeting head to head. Should come down to the last 3 minutes. I think a field goal will win it.

It should be fun.