Good game on Saturday vs. Riders

Hope the game is close and exciting!

It was a real gift fir the stamps that the riders lost tonight. If Calgary can pull A tough one out against the ALS that would be a 4 point cusion when the stamps go to pukesville next weekend. I really don't want to go to Regina with only a 2 point lead in the west. It would be really hard to take first if that was the case

Well that is the case. Hope your right and Riders take 1st place. Good to see the Stamp fans supporting the Riders.

I agree canadianhothead - the upcoming game Calgary at Regina will be a hard fought game for both sides. Both teams had a poor performance in week 15. Toronto proved the Riders can be beat at home.

I would choose death before cheering for the riders. But I’m also a realist. Mosaic is the the second or third hardest stadium to win in for aposing teams. I feel we gave strong chance but a win in Montreal would have gone a long way got us. If the stamps win in Regina, they will only need one more win to secure the west final. I’m already stoked for this game. Be nice if lumsden dressed for it.

Actually I hope it is a blowout for the Stamps! :smiley:

I wound love a stamps blow out as well doubtful it will happen. Calgary will have to go largely to the run game. That's how Toronto did it. If it's cold it might take away from the big play... Wich is the riders only real weapon. I think both teams are looking to get back in the win Collum in a grumpy way. The injuries are what i'm werried about. Labinjo isn't too big of a deal but the middle lb I'm werried about. Go stamps go! We need this one

It's a good thing Coach Miller did not read your posting before the game about Calgary using a run game. IF Saskatchewan and Calgary meet in the post season maybe Coach Miller will be reading your postings more often, canadianhothead

Lol. Maybe the stamps can offer me a scouting job or something. The riders big play still almost killed us. How awesome was browner tonight on fantuse? I really feel the riders showed some weak spots in the last two games. I'm still worried Calgary is not picking up the releasing running backs enough. I think browner should be defensive player of the week. Congrads to Cory mace as well on a great game! Hopefully they still keep labinjo. If nothing else he's a good ratio buster

I don't think stamp fans have anything to worry about after that game. Total domination by stamps after the first two possessions. We were totally out coached (again). I'm now worried about whether we can win the west semi at home. DD is our future just wish he had more support.

I was not able to watch the game, but listened to it online, through the Sask radio play by play. But I happened to see the highlights - JR looked to have a great game, running and catching passes. Most be tha Fall weather that give JR that taste of post season play, where every game is a must win