Good game Lions!

I had a hunch the Stamps were ready for a stinker! :lol: Good game Lions it looks like you found a good running back!

R&W you weren't at the game tonight? Or do you live within walking distance to the MAc?

Ah I have ways to be online! Yes I am there!

D##n Blackberries!>! LOL

So, who was that guy in the stands with the bright, orange Leos shirt and the big flag?

.....didn't see him........anyway, good game Leos, everyone in BC can take their hands off the panic button now, your team looked very solid.....Mr. Smith has found himself a job.....

I wonder if we could swing a trade with the Lions... Kenton Keith for Antonio Warren... might be a fresh start for both players...

You guys lost? Man, Winnipeg is better than you guys now, guess you shouldn't talk the talk unless you can walk the walk, eh?

hey 05, 2 stinkers in a row, could this be a where have I heard that before....

Congrats Lions.


Im just waiting for redwhite2005 to admit hes a bombers fan at heart.

At least you picked the right team to win. :lol: Points wise, way off, but that's o.k. :rockin: :lol:

And for B.C., damn them! I pick them to beat Saskatchewan! They lose. I pick them to lose agaisnt Calgary. They win! Ugh...

Your point Sir?

From a very smart guy! :lol: Two stinkers I do not think so maybe one. And really Calgary plays horrible when they play the lions!
Kanga, the Bombers are not better then anyone son! When they play like the Mighty Als then you can spout your mouth off! They are not on top of the mountian!

I would rather lay down in rush hour traffic on the deerfoot then do that :lol:

Well I looked at that last preseason game! Calgary was man handled then and I thought well here we go again. I just thought it might be closer but was wrong. The Lions own the Stamps right now! You call it like you see it! But next week a side of Riders to fill the void!

Ah it feels good to be loved by those Bomber fans! I know you guys would like nothing more then have me cheer for your bombers! But no never! :lol:

4 and 2, is better than 3 and 3 or 3 and 2.

Tell me Kanga did you have to remove your socks to figure that one out!

oh just about forgot....congrats..Sporty and the leos/...good game....this Smith guy looks interesting... :thup: