Good Game Lions

..........let me be the first to congradulate the leos on a hard fought boys tried their best to keep it even but your talent is pretty deep...........nobody should be questioning DDs play making ability, he is a great QB and all BC fans should all be behind him.......I doubt a 'perfect' record is in the works but you certainly look like you've got what it takes to win the west..............again, good win, good game and good luck against the Eskimos next week...........

wow RED your acting like a school boy Bitch,

your a better man then me

.............hey dude, you gotta give props to the leos after that game, I mean we matched them point for point until it really mattered and then they had what it took to win, and we didn't..........I coached my son and many boys in various community sports now for many years and one of the first things you gotta realize is that there is no shame in losing to a better team...........and clearly tonight the leos were the better team...........

Well said Red.

Dickenson was the better man tonight.

Didn't see the game at all, but thanks, Lions. It is only your stellar play that has (at least temporarily) kept the 'Riders ahead of the Stamps. The score made it look like it would have been a good game to watch, though. Stamps might make some waves yet!

Enjoy being ahead of us while you can. :lol: :lol: :lol:


And im saying enjoy it.


go esks go, go esks go , go esks go, ur my new best freind eskylo

Thanks for showing class Red&White. A great game from a Lions fan point of view. I really thought we were going to lose for the first quarter, but double-D was brilliant as the game progressed. As was Antonio Warren. But my hat's off to the Stamps , they looked impressive and that route of the Riders was no fluke. Burris looked pretty good and so did Reynolds .
Now bring on the Esks. Heh heh!

If anyone will beat the Lions, it'll be the Eskimos. The question is, can they? :wink:

DD played very well this game, and even the CP fans have to agree with that.

The stamps played a fairly good game even getting an early lead but the Lions are a very good football club and came out with the win. The stamps just need to put this one behind them and gear up for Winnipeg, they can only get better from here on out.

nice win lions.


Lions get there first Impressive victory, Dickenson was awesome, Calgary looked very good but.. the better team won.

Dang, I fell asleep before the half and missed most of it. Way to go Lions 5 - 0, very impressive and with the Gades win over the Riders, you keep the bombers in the hunt in the west. I dont think the Esks are a shoe in just yet for a playoff spot in the west and think things are really going to tighten up over the next few weeks. How big will next weeks games be now, I love the cfl.

awwww...kudos to your team too!...but what the heck happen to calgarys D? :? ...anywayz, that was a great game!

It was a great game- wide open - the CFL at its best. Calgary has good potential this year- wow what a running game. Man, those pussycats have depth- simon goes down- no problem. Could be a bit of a loss with their other receiver who got hurt. Dickenson looked like an orchestra conductor and Henry played well too. Very entertaining.

Riders Rule
So does CFL

Excellent game…and the CFL is on a role…B.C. ,are the class on the CFL right now.

I agree CFL is the best entertainment anywhere. And thats two fantastic Friday night games in a row. Kudos for the Stamps who hung in there blow by blow and certainly appears how Burris is getting in the grove. It should make for a great return game in Calgary. In my mind the difference in the game and so far the league MVP by far and away is Dickenson

Calgary offence looked pretty good. Burris should have let that running back loose more in the 2nd half as he did great in the first.

I thought Burratto had a great game plan other than that and his play calling was super and exciting.

Not so sure that Chapelaine is getting the right mix of run - pass at the right time but with the talent of the Lions and the QB, this seems to be a problem so far that is easily overcome.

What a difference in styles between Off coordinators on the side lines. Buratto, pensive and cool looking in battle vs the tense, almost too cocky Chapdelaine.

Calgary has done a terrific job so far with the team this year.


When I watched that game, I had two words coming back over and over in my head: Quality Football. These two teams gave an awesome show. It was so different than the crappy displays my Als served me over the last two weeks. I really enjoyed myself watching that one. I cheered for both teams.

And, one more thing:

After watching that game, I REALLY wonder how can anyone wants Printers to be the Lions' starter. Dave Dickenson is this league's most amazing QB.