Good Game Guys

I just wanted to say that today was a great game and both teams deserved to win. Thanks to all that came to Regina as well. That was a ridiculously exciting game, the most exciting of the year definately. See you guys in Winnipeg next week!

It was a really well played game by both sides, potentially a preview to what this years grey cup might be, and I'm very fortunate that a friend had an extra ticket and I was able to be a part of it. I'll see you all in the peg next weekend from what I'm hoping will be another great matchup.

About time the game lived up to the hype. We'll get ya next week.

I fully expect you will....I also expected you'd get us this week, and I'm glad I was wrong - guess that means your boys will be that much angrier next week.....Riders'll have to bring their best to even stay close....Bombers are a good team.....

Very true jm! I'm not gonna lie. I was scared of this game lol

Thanks guys... doesn't stop the bleeding, but makes it easier to wipe up the mess.

...Bombers, for the most part ,played an excellent game....once this team corrects a few things (ahem see message to Berry)..we are definitely going to be heading for a play-off game at home...and who knows from there????Riders are a damned good embarassment to lose to them....BUT hurts when you know when you could of just as easily walked away with the 2 pts....Banjo Bowl rematch should be very interesting.... :thup: :rockin:

A very entertaining game. And, I have to congratulate one Bomber fan in particular. Some guy in the east stands was dressed as (and posing as, before the game) Golden Boy. That was freakin' hilarious, and very creative on his part.

Yeah, Im hoping for a great game. I was getting pretty nervous towards the end... lol

i could have been alot happier with the turn out but that was a fantastic game. i am glad it was my first to see live. efinatley worth the trip and i will see it again next year. u guys put up some great hospiltaity and other then 1 arguement at pregame fantastic fans with alot of respect.

but banjo bowl will have a diff outcome.