Good game Calgary!

Today was a good game yes it was against a non playoff team. But what I like to see that in some of these plays it showed these guys are together and have bought into Higgens and Buratto's game plan. Next week should be a good test for the playoffs.

Many football fans predicted a 9 and 9 season for the Stamps. Well they have beat those predictions.

Allen is already turning into a key player, receiver, rushing, and punt returning. great to see some more depth just before playoffs. wish Copeland was a little more consistent.

According to Unrealrider in another thread (BC@Edmonton), the win doesn’t mean squat because it was the Bombers so the win doesn’t count.

Stamps played well and good on ya to control your own fate for the playoffs. Good luck against the Esks.

I bet Higgins would love revenge for being fired. Hope you host a playoff game!

Even an old Bomber fan like myself has to admit it would be sweet to see the Stamps and Higgins beat the tar out of the Esks and grab second spot and home playoff game from them......GO STAMPS.....only for this one.

Thanks Piggy sorry to see your team go down this year. You know my feelings towards Taman so we will not get into that. But thats hope in the off season some positive things happen for the Bombers.