Good game boyz

I thought the Cats played well last night. If they put forth that kind of effort every night, I think we'll be in good shape.

I thought Maas was rolling pretty well, large part due to some great receptions.

The D was top notch...a few lapses, but against a pretty solid O.

Entertaining as hell, too.

I agree completely.

A good game is an entertaining one. I think they played well last night for the most part.

Me too.

Nice to see Kamau Peterson make some nice grabs.

Especially that long one. And Brock Ralph's long pass for a TD.

I agree ... GREAT game last night :smiley: ... heck we nearly won that thing ... and AC and the boys were at HOME in Montreal.

AND we won against the juggernaut of the West (Stamps) last game.

Methinks the rest of this season is going to make some pretty happy Cat Fans ... I'm thinking we'll see the playoffs. :rockin:

We have offense now and we've had an AWESOME defence pretty much since the start of the season.

I'm happy! :thup: :thup:

I agree also....I have to say that I really enjoyed last nights game.Things are looking very positive for the Cats now.Having beat the Stamps last week and damn near the Als last night.They are the best so far in the west and the east.We don't play either of them again til the playoffs.Now if we have consistancy the rest of the season should be very interesting.

I must agree. I felt it was probably one of the best played football games this year by both teams. The Als for a change got off to a decent start in the first half and the Ticats stayed right with them. Take out the last minute pass to Calhoon and who knows how it would have tuned out.

It's a long season boys.. Still 12 games left. Anything can happen. If Hamilton played like they did last night, hell of a lot more victories to come.

[quote="ronfromtigertown"]Me too.

Nice to see Kamau Peterson make some nice grabs.

Especially that long one.

The Canadian Press photo of Peterson making that leaping catch reminds me of the metal sculpture outside the Cdn Football Hall of Fame

the cats played great last night. they have been getting better each game and if they continue to do this we might not lose another game. lmao :thup:

THe defence has been playing very well in the last few games. If the offense can continue to find its rhythm, things will definitely improve in the win column.

Special teams is a concern and needs to be addressed. The punting game and both return untis need to step it up. Our margin for error is not that great these days.

Oski Wee Wee,