good game boyz!!! see you thursday in the stands! best of luck to yeh!!

My thoughts exactly, Blitz!

There is more work to be done getting more help for the QBs by getting receivers to make proper hot route adjustments and looking back for the ball when plays break down. I didn't like the fact we weren't able to take more advantage of hitting vacated zones from T.O. blitzers, particularly Steinauer. The receiving corps has to be more responsive in that respect. The O-line's job is to give the QB enough time to move the release point and hit an open receiver (usually the hot route guy in those situations). If the free safety is getting in the backfield consistently, then it has more to do with the receivers not adjusting to the zones the D is running. Printers et al should not have to hold onto the ball so long to make a play to counteract a blitz.

Oski Wee Wee,

Awesome! I really wasn't sure how the team would fare against Toronto. ALthough it's only preseason, a win is more encouraging than a loss. Let's start the season! :thup: