Good Game BC... showed us you are #1 in the west for the regular season...

...Geroy can walk the walk.....Pierce is pretty damn solid...your D is impressive, especially the front four...and Banks.... taught the Red and White a lesson or sixteen tonight....

just remember, revenge isnt always sweet :lol:

Thanks RedandWhite. Despite the fact that I disagree with a lot of your prior posts, I would have to agree with you here. I certainly did not expect a blowout tonight, but I'll definetly take it. BC is the class of the league once again, let's just hope we can win it in the West Final under the Dome.

...what's to disagree about?....

The Stamps dropped a cow pie on the field tonight no doubt about it. R&W I told you a while back that Wally is an a$$! Again you have to remember how he treated Pitts! Well you got a glimpse of the real Wally tonight. But a very well played game in every aspect of the game by BC. Like I said the road goes through BC this year and if the Stamps do not solve them they are not going very far.

I'm hoping for a Rider/Stamp semi, with the Stamps winning, and then coming into BC Place for the Leos/Stamps. That'll take us to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg against (IMO) Toronto.

had the riders not choked against edmonton last week, they'd be sitting pretty for a home playoff game right now.

everyone else.

I only saw the highlights of this game, but it looked as though Calgary did not show up for this game. Burris had a terrible game, and throwing into triple coverage on the one INT. They play again next week in Calgary, but the Stamps might be hard pressed to beat them, even at home. You could put Nealon Greene or Ted White at QB in BC and they would still win games.

Uh , no. Our QB's are acually good unlike those guys.

...Michael Petrie of the Calgary Herald had a great line in his column this morning....soemthing like this: 'if you showed up at BC Place last night knowing nothing about who was who except that you knew one QB was a second string sophmore and the other was a seasoned 10 year vet, who would you have said was who?'....

....Pierce is a keeper....

...congrats Leos....i would have to say....based on the beating that was administered to the stamps...the leos look like the team to beat...Henry looked dazed and confused....and Pierce looks like a starter for any club in this league...Will DD EVER GET HIS OL' JOB BACK.... :lol:

Of course he will, papa, if past history has anything to do with it.....(read: Printers)

It was great to see the Lions lay a butt kicking to the trash talking Stamps. One thing Lions fans have to remember is that it was only one game. Stamps could easily do it to the Lions next week if the Lions take it easy or get to cocky.

Enjoy the win (I know I have) but there is still 3 more regular season games to go and then the playoffs, where it really matters.

Looking at the Calgary bench last night, they looked like they didn't have any energy and desire. I was expecting a closer game than that. I think 2007 will be Dickenson's last year in BC and Buck Pierce will be our starter in 2008.

The only thing that disappointed me in the game was the on-side kick. I hate rubbing a teams nose in it. I"ve been on the receiving end of those, my son has been on the receiving end of those in community, and my Grandson has been on the reciving end of having your noses rubbed in it. I really wished Wally hadn't called that. If I were Higgins, I'd be showing that on-side play every day at practice, just to get the players fired up for the re-match.

Sorry Calgary posters, we shouldn't have done that!

Why not Sport? Nothing better than getting practice in a real game situation.

I hate that stuff Lionbacker, Not necessary. Even if it was against the Evil Empire, I would still be against it.

I've been and seen it from the recieving end of it.

Also life has a way of balancing things. Whether it be penalties or running up a score, it comes back to bite you.

Just my personal feeling.

and last night it came back to bite the Stamps in the a$$.

This year, it's OUR TURN TO DO THE BITING!

I could see doing the short kick if you
knew you wouldnt see that team again.

Not sure why you'd do it to a team youre seeing
again in a week and most likely will meet in the playoffs.

Will see if it comes back to BITE you.

The point was to make the Stamps aware that the Lions are capable of pulling off a successful onside kick. Now, next game, the Stamps will have to respect the fact that the Lions could do it to them again. and again. and again. It will be in their heads for a while.