Good game Argo fans!

Well I want to thank the Argos for helping the Stamps get back to the win column. Yes you had an injury riddled line up but wha my team was needing is confidence. You have a good team good luck with the rest of the season.

Even though I'm not an Argos fan, McMahon looked lost in this game. Even Allen could not save this team--without Bishop the Argos could finish behind the Cats this year...

i was at the bar watching highlights of the game on a few different channels after the game.

The highlights they showed for Toronto on TSN and The Score were about four or five different McMahon and Allen Overthrows, that is it. I kinda laughed.

On another note, I am glad to see the best all round kicker in the CFL back in T.O.'s lineup.

The Stamps with their fake field goal was fun but Noel Prefontaine is no stranger to that type of play.
I think Prefontaine is something like 8 for 8 on his fake punt/kick passing attempts; career.